5 Advantages of Getting a Tummy Tuck

You might be surprised to learn that well over 100,000 people per year get a tummy tuck procedure. A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic procedure in the world. It entails surgically getting rid of excess skin and fat around the waistline, leaving a tighter and more toned midsection.

Perhaps such a procedure has been on your mind for a while, but you’ve never explored the option. Are you wondering if a tummy tuck is right for you?

This brief guide will break down five key advantages of getting a tummy tuck that might leave you convinced. So read on!

1. Removing Loose Skin

Even after significant weight loss, sometimes excess skin cannot smoothly contour to your body’s new shape. This can result in loose skin folds, leaving you far more vulnerable to irritation, rashes, and even infections. In creating a leaner midsection, a tummy tuck plastic surgery operation can remove such folds, leaving your core more comfortable.

2. Removing Stretch Marks

Whether following pregnancy or weight fluctuations, stretch marks can sometimes pose areas of insecurity for women adjusting to bodily changes in the body. In such cases, removing excess skin from the midsection does away with all stretch marks in the lower abdominal area above the bikini line.

While it is true that stretch marks can be treated with various creams and ointments, tummy tuck abdominal surgery gets rid of them outright.

3. Better Posture

Very often, the more mass one accumulates in their midsection, the more difficult it can be to maintain good posture. This may prove troublesome later in life, resulting in back pain and increased risk of other spinal problems.

A tummy tuck leaves your core comfortable and unencumbered, alleviating spinal tension and making it easier to stand and sit straighter.

4. A Tummy Tuck Can Offer Medical Relief

There are numerous conditions for which a tummy tuck can provide tangible medical relief.

For example, suppose you have experienced a ventral hernia. In that case, a tummy tuck can strengthen the part of the muscle wall that has been weakened, leaving you protected from experiencing such pain again. Also, many women who have had one or multiple pregnancies have seen significant relief from urinary incontinence after an abdominoplasty.

If you’re curious about how such a procedure may benefit you, researching tummy tuck surgery by Dr. Lind may answer your questions.

5. Clothes Fitting Better

Sometimes, excess skin in the midsection can make clothes feel tighter and less comfortable. It can be particularly frustrating when said clothes otherwise fit right for you in all other areas.

Whether at work or leisure, the correct cosmetic procedure can allow you to more snugly fit into your clothes, letting you more freely navigate your day-to-day routine.

Stay Informed and Stay Healthy

Whether before or after contemplating a tummy tuck procedure, it’s essential to keep yourself as informed as you can to know what health options are suitable for you. After all, cosmetic procedures should not be treated as substitutes for self-care and health-consciousness.

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