4 Pro Jogging Tips for Beginners

Is your New Year’s resolution to get in shape or get out more? If it is, you should consider taking up running!

You may feel a little intimidated by the concept of starting such a physically challenging hobby, but these jogging tips for beginners make it easy. Check out all the best ways to get into running today, and turn it into a lifelong activity.

1. Work in Increments

There’s no need to expect yourself to run a marathon in record time the very first time you set out for a run. If you’re wondering how to start running, remember to take your time building up endurance. Running is a sport that rewards you for consistent, incremental effort.

Start with a half-mile run. Then do a mile. Add a little bit at a time. Expect faster times at a reasonable rate. If you add just a little at a time, it won’t feel that bad by the time you’ve built up to longer runs.

2. The Right Shoe Matters

One of the best jogging tips is to get a good pair of running shoes. A good pair of running shoes can have an impact in both the long and short term. If you get blisters after your first run, you’ll be less likely to keep up the work and run again.

In the long term, an ill-fitting pair of shoes or even just the wrong shoes for your foot shape could result in injuries, general discomfort, and can even end your running career. 

Go to a running shoe-specific store to get fitted with the best possible size and model for your foot shape and the kind of running you’ll be doing. Some shoes are better suited for running on specific surfaces. Be prepared to spend a significant amount of money to get the best possible shoe. Your feet and legs will thank you in the long run. 

3. Prevent Chafing Before It Happens

Chafing can stop you in your tracks. That’s why jogging survival tips often include methods to prevent it.

If you’ve been running regularly and building up strength and endurance, you don’t want to suddenly develop painful chafing. In extreme cases of chafing, you may have to take a break from running for a while and risk losing your progress.

Chafing occurs when you have too much moisture and skin-to-skin contact. You can prevent this with a moisture-absorbing powder such as this men’s talc free body powder.

4. Run With a Friend

Everything is more fun with company. Running with a friend has multiple benefits.

First of all, it provides someone who can give you accountability. It’s harder to skip your regular runs when there’s someone else counting on you to run with them.

Having someone to talk to on a run can also help regulate your pace and distract you from any discomfort you may be feeling during your workout.

Finally, you’ll also have someone who is learning how to jog at the same pace as you.

Jogging Tips for Beginners to Help You Stick To It

By building up endurance slowly, getting yourself the right equipment, taking preventative measures against injury and discomfort, and finding a running friend you’ll be a regular jogger in no time. These jogging tips for beginners are meant to be a guide. Find what works best for you, and enjoy your runs.

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