How to Stay Sober: A Comprehensive Guide

One out of every eight Americans is an alcoholic. Without proper discipline and lifestyle choices, it is easy to fall victim to substance abuse. Learning how to stay sober can be a lifelong process for some, but it doesn’t have to be.

A sober lifestyle doesn’t mean renouncing the use of all recreational substances forever. Living sober is all about learning how to enjoy substances in moderation and with discipline. 

Living a sober life is easier for some people than others. There are many benefits of sobriety if your substance use is getting out of control. Read on to learn how to get sober so you can be your best self.

Fill Your Time With Wholesome Activities

The old saying “the devil finds work for idle hands” rings true when it comes to substance abuse. One of the quickest ways to get yourself knocked off the wagon is to not have anything to do in your life.

If you keep your days busy with wholesome activities such as sports, spending time in nature, and productive work, you will be much less likely to turn to substances. 

Develop Discipline

It is your choice to drink or do drugs, every time you use them. Even when it seems like some outside force is compelling you to do it, you are the one that chooses to grab the bottle, pipe, or needle and indulge.

Develop the discipline to say no to excessive substance use through meditation or things such as martial arts. 

Don’t Give Up

Even if you relapse from time to time, this does not make you a bad person. Rather than viewing substances as the enemy that needs to be conquered or avoided, view them as a waste of your time and don’t give them power.

If you can learn how to have a single drink and resist the urge to go farther, that is great. If not, don’t get discouraged. One day you will develop the discipline to do so.

Turn to Faith

There is a reason that one of the final steps for alcoholics anonymous is to accept a higher power. Turning to faith can provide you the strength you need to rein in your substance abuse problems and develop discipline.

Avoid Bad Influences

If you have a group of friends that always compel you to drink, you may need to find a new friend group.

If you tell your friends that you are trying to quit and they still pressure you, directly or indirectly, find some new friends who don’t.

Seek Professional Help on How to Stay Sober

If you can’t develop the discipline on your own not to use and substance abuse is ruining your life, you need to contact some professional help.

Drying out in rehab might not sound fun, but it is necessary if you are a serious alcoholic or user. Asking for help is a sign of great maturity. Visit if you need some professional help with substance abuse.

You Can Get Sober

It is up to you, and you alone, to get sober. That said, seeking help from professionals to guide you on the right path is always a great idea. Learning how to stay sober is difficult, but not impossible.

Use the tips in this guide to start down your road of sobriety. Our blog has other great content like this. If you enjoyed reading this article, check it out from time to time for more like it.