2020 Vision: Which Eyeglasses Are in Style Now?

Finally ready to invest in some new glasses? If you have to wear eyeglasses every day, you want a pair that works with your face and your style. Check out these trends to help you find your new favorite pair and leave the house looking sharper than ever.

Cat Eye

Cat eyeglasses are a definite trend in eyewear this year. They come in many varieties including designer, geometric, and classic cat-eye. The more geometric and boxy frames can add great lines to your face, and help if you feel you have a boxier or plain appearance.

Generally, cat-eye glasses show a lot of personality and can be cute or sexy. When it comes to the best eyeglasses for women, they’re definitely one to consider.

Clear frames

If you want trends in eyewear that don’t depend on the frame shape, consider clear frames. This included color frames that are clear as well, but especially those that have no dye at all. Clear frames are a great and simple look and can match any outfit effortlessly.

You can find clear frames in almost any shape nowadays, from more affordable basic glasses all the way up to designer eyeglasses, and anywhere in between. Whether you wear gold or silver jewelry, or bold colors in your outfits, these glasses will still fit the look.

Round Vintage

Round glasses are coming back in eyewear trends for both men and women. They can go from classic and simple to hip and nouveau all at once. These glasses are a great option if you have a more rectangular face, as they add some softer edges, and help round out your features.

They come with a wide variety of frames. But a classic oversized set of black frames is being seen often in eyeglasses for women.

Tourtishell and Metal Frames

If you’re less interested in the frame shape trends and clear frames don’t suit your looks, tortoiseshell is here to stay. This style matches with a lot more than meets the eye, and they’re not an overnight trend.

Another look for those going for a professional air is metal or wireframes. You can go bold with a more shapely frame or keep it simple and chic with thin wire around your rims. No matter which look you choose, you can make it work for multiple styles, and not worry that your glasses will clash.

Great Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses can take a lot of time to pick and feel good about. They are a part of your outfit every day and can be a defining feature of your look depending on the frequency of use. By following some of the latest trends, you can feel safe knowing you look fresh and in fashion.

And if you’re unsure about what to go with, try on a few pairs. Don’t limit yourself to just one style or trend but experiment and see what looks best on you. And if this helped you in your search, keep reading for more great tips.