10 Tips to Design Small Living Room 2022

A living room is a place where we spend most of our time. It is a hub of family reunion and many formal and informal gatherings. However, if your living room is small you wouldn’t like to stay there for longer. Though you cannot make the room bigger but you can surely fool your eyes by making it look bigger.

To help you turn your small living room into a spacious space here we have listed a few tips to follow.

Add More Lights to Your Living Room

One of the major problems with a small living room is that it looks congested especially if there is no light. To give it a spacious look and make it look bigger, add more lights to the room. Soft lights will be ideal for the living room since they are not harsh on the eyes. Alternatively, you can bank on natural lights. Here is a small tip-Avoid dark-colored curtains because they absorb light, on the contrary, light-colored curtains or semi-sheer curtains are best since they emit maximum light.

Make the Most of Height or Scale

One of the ideal ways to design your living room could be playing with the scale. Small living room does not have much space to utilize thus; it is ideal to work around the height of the room. Do not add too much décor pieces in your living room otherwise, it will look cluttered. For an interesting look, you can add a nice statement chandelier to the room. A well-curated collection will make your room stand out and gain many compliments.

Go For a Large Rug

A large rug will instantly make your living room look spacious and bigger. Like small pieces of rugs, large rugs do not break down the visual appeal of the floor. Large rugs will give you more space in your room to work and design. To utilize every space you can go for corner seating rather than a traditional sofa. It will give your living room a sober look and the room would not look bulky.

Make it Cozy yet Cheerful

Small space can be an advantage as it does not require more elements and furniture. The phrase less is more! is perfect for small rooms. Opt for modern and classy furniture which makes your room inviting. Keep the seating close and intimate. Rather than investing in too many furniture is best to invest in functional furniture that could be used in numerous ways. In this way you will save more space and the room will look cozy and inviting.

Add Bright Colors in your Room

Bright colors give an impact of a bigger room. However, balancing the colors is key to achieve an eye-catchy look. Opt for white walls, since they look classy and are quite in trend as well. To compliment your wall you can place bright colored furniture and large pieces of artwork. Do not go over the board with too many colors. The less will be the colors the more your room décor will have harmony and you would love to spend quality time in your living room.

Choose Small Coffee Table

A large and bulky center table will take away all the space and leave nothing or very little for other furniture. On the contrary one or two coffee tables will not take much space and make your room look put together. The idea is to replace the bulky furniture with small yet functional furniture so that your room does not look cluttered. Online furniture store such as Pepperfry has a gamut of classy and polished furniture. Check out its latest range and do not forget to use coupons for Pepperfry to save extra.

Hang Mirrors in Living Room

A mirror makes the room appear larger in no time. Plus, it reflects the light, it will add more light to your room, making it look appealing and large. Here is a small tip-place the mirror near the window so that it can reflect most of the light. A floor-length mirror is ideal to add more height to the wall. On the other hand, small mirrors will also work well, but make sure you place them strategically.

Raise Low Ceilings

Another way to add more depth in your small living area is-add vertical stripes on your wall. Though nothing could be as enticing as white walls but strips of contrasting colors also look mesmerizing. Balance the look with complimentary colored furniture or you can also go for white furniture with colorful rugs. 

Multi-Functional Furniture is best for Small Living Rooms

A trick to utilize each space without making the room cramped is the use of multi-functional furniture. It will save your space and your room wouldn’t lack the essential furniture. For example instead of tables you can use Ottoman. An ottoman can be used for sitting or as a coffee table. Plus, it does not take that much space.

Display Large Artwork

A large and statement piece of artwork is much better than various pieces of artwork. You can place a single statement artwork on one wall and leave the rest of the walls blank to prevent the room from looking overwhelming and cluttered.


Designing a living room can be fun but decorating a small living room can be a daunting task since it requires more effort. In this blog, we have curated 10 tips that will help you to design your small living room.

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