Your Guide To Using The Psychology Of Colours For Your Residential Space

The most underestimated yet magnificent power of homo sapiens is the sense of colourful sight. We are blessed to see not one but over a million different colours, each affecting human psychology and mind in some way or the other. The colours that we see around everyday have an effect on our emotion and mood. Thus, it won’t be wrong to consider changing the colours around you if you want to change the way you feel about your life. That’s when a hub of highly professional painters in Perth, the Delicate Painting, comes to add a dash of spark in your life with supreme quality paints.

If you want to incorporate shades that can affect your mood, temperament, and outlook positively, you are reading the right guide. While each colour might be having different responses for different people, some colours produce specific responses. Read on.                       

Warm And Cool colours

The hues we see all around ourselves are broadly categorised in two categories; warm and cool colours. Every colour evokes a different feeling or mood, and thus it is necessary to do some homework before you get your house painted. Thankfully, people looking for Painters in Perth are glad to know about Delicate Painting, a hub of highly-professional and talented painting contractors in Perth.

What makes choosing the right colour for your home decor easier is some prerequisite knowledge of colours. The understanding of warm and cool colours will help you determine the right colours to alter your mood, thinking, and lifestyle for the better and add value to your life. 

Warm Colours

Warm colours, as the name suggests, give you a feeling of warmth. The very sight of such colours make you think about warm things, like the sun, the sunlight, and heat. These colours tend to give a feeling of coming closer, therefore, such hues are perfect for large rooms to make them feel cozier, warm and comfortable. This is the reason why the hotel rooms are usually painted in warm shades, so that the guests feel comfy. Warm colours comprise shades like reds, oranges, and yellows, along with the possible combinations of all three.


Think of energetic colours and red is the colour that will come first in your mind. The colour red symbolises energy, passion, excitement, and confidence. It is regarded as the most psychologically stimulating colour. People who are fond of the colour red are usually passionate, gutsy, energetic, and outspoken. If you want to give the aura of your home decor a warm, passionate touch, then red is your colour. 


Yellow is a happy colour. Yellow as a shade represents happiness, pleasure, and optimism. Such colours evoke feelings of newness and happiness. People who paint yellow in their rooms get a sunny feel to their space. Add the magic of yellow on your walls with Perth’s best residential painters at Delicate Painting!


Orange is the colour of fruitfulness. It gives a wholesome effect and has the capacity to immediately draw attention. Folks who like the colour orange are amicable and easily make friends. For your home decor, a dash of orange on the walls work best in the dining area. It is believed that the colour orange stimulates appetite, and thus a dining area painted in orange will do wonders. Ask Delicate Painting experts to get the work done and the results will be just “wow.â€


Brown is an earthy colour, and thus demonstrates security and contentment. Brown is the colour of simplicity, comfort and nature. If you are a nature lover, then brown is your home decor colour!


Black is the colour of elegance and power. Ambitious folks prefer black over other colours. However, for home decor, a lot of blackness on the walls may give a depressed look. When you choose to add black to your home setup, remember that less is more!

Cool Colours

Cool colours give a calm and soothing effect. Unlike warm colours that make you think of sunshine and heat, cool shades make you think of the colder elements of nature, like the sky, water, ice and snow. In general, while warm colours give a feeling of coming together, cool colours give a feeling of receding. That’s why cool colours are often used in small room sizes in order to make them look spacious. 


Blue is the colour of sky. It gives a heavenly feel to the room. Blue is a cool and calming shade that gives you a relaxing feel. It is best to use blue in bedrooms, as it gives the much needed relaxing effect.


Purple is the colour of imagination. People who like royalty like this royal shade. Studies suggest that people who like purple are more likely to be creative, romantic, and wise. Just like all cool colours, purple too gives a feeling of serenity and relaxation to the house.


White is the colour of purity. It symbolises peace, purity, cleanliness, and coolness. Rooms painted in white often appear cleaner, cooler, and more spacious than other rooms. White as a cool shade gives a more sophisticated and formal look, while a warmer white shade offers a cozier feel.


Can anyone imagine nature without green? As a cool colour, green gives a calming and relaxing effect. It is the colour of joy, harmony, and energy. A colour full of life should be a part of your home, isn’t it? Well, if you want to add green colour to your walls, but your hunt for professional painting contractors in Perth is still not over, then Delicate Painting is your match made in heaven! Call us now.


Pink is nothing but a tinge of slight red. The colour is associated with feminine energy, innocence, and romance. Pink looks best in bedrooms and bathrooms, so as to give them a passionate yet calming effect.


Silver is the colour of prosperity. A rich, classy touch can be easily added to your home once you paint a wall or two with silver. The colour gives you feelings of richness and motivation. 

Choosing the right shade for your house is just not enough. It is a mandate to choose the right painting professionals too, and that’s when Delicate Painting stands ahead of the crowd!


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