You Should Avoid while Hot Water System Installation

If you are a ‘Do It Yourself (DIY),’’ lover you probably might have thought about doing the hot water system installation on your own without seeking professional assistance. Do you think that installing a hot water system is easy as installing the light bulb? Do not ever consider installing hot water systems as an easy process because lack of skills, expertise, and experience can set your house on fire. 

Most people think installing hot water systems without hiring any professional is OKAY, but nobody knows the risks associated with such systems. The water heater system uses highly flammable gases and works at high temperatures. Such systems also release hazardous gases; hence, you can’t mess around with such devices. 

In our opinion, even if you’re having proper knowledge and good experience of hot water system installation, think twice before touching anything there. Here, we are mentioning the common mistakes individuals make while installing hot water systems. (Read this post and ensure you are not making these mistakes). 

Inadequate Soldering of The Hot Water Pipes

One of the most common yet frequent mistakes individuals make while installing the hot water systems is soldering the pipes inappropriately. These soldering pipes are connected to the tank and the main water line for establishing a hassle-free connection. People feel that soldering the pipes close to the water tank will result in higher water flow. 

Most water tanks come with numerous plastic fittings; you need to be overly cautious about them. As soldering pipes will be hot when the system is active, these plastic fittings can melt and result in major water leakage issues. A professional installer will always have the accurate knowledge about this and will be able to help you out in no time.

During the hot water system installation process, uninstall the plastic fittings and try to keep the soldered pipes as far as possible. You need to wait for the pipes to cool down, and then you can re-install the plastic fittings of your water tank. Avoiding this mistake will ensure your plastic fittings are not getting melted during the hot water system installation procedure. 

Wrong Installation of The Relief Valve

The relief valve is one of the most important and crucial components of every hot water system. This component controls the pressure and temperature of the output. Believe it or not, the relief valve is very smaller in size, but it can literally damage your tank, leading to some major casualties. Due to the improper installation of the relief valve, your water tank might explode into pieces, and anybody close to the tank might suffer from major injuries. Now, you know the importance of installing the relief valve appropriately. 

Overlooking Latest Technology

As you step into the market for hot water systems, you’ll find that most of them are based on renewable power resources. For example, homeowners prefer installing solar water heaters instead of conventional water heaters. the vendors will show you so many models that you will get worried about purchasing the right item.

Undoubtedly, we prefer the latest technologies as we are inclined towards easier methods of getting hot water. Installing such systems might be easier, and the energy cost might also be reduced. But it doesn’t mean the latest technology might not work according to your climatic conditions. If you live in colder climates, closed-loop hot water systems should be considered than solar water heaters. 

Hot water is required by every household and is beneficial in multiple ways but installing the water heater systems is quite complicated. One small mistake might cost you bad, and you’ll suffer from numerous other hassles. So, it is better to seek professional assistance for the hot water system installation. They are readily available to help you out.

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