Why You Need to Monitor Your Network’s Performance

Network performance monitoring is fundamental, but often ignored part of running a business. It can help mitigate cyberattacks, reducing the chance of a company’s websites getting hacked. And when 30,000 are hacked per day, it’s worth not taking any risks.

It also helps keep employees on track and your network in tip-top shape. With regular monitoring, IT experts can improve connection speeds and update devices seamlessly.

Keep reading below to learn more about why network performance monitoring is so important.

Network Performance Monitoring Fixes Problems Ahead of Time

The biggest reason companies should monitor their networks is simply because it keeps an eye on one of their biggest assets. The company network is the hub for all business and solutions in the company. So, company leaders need to constantly know how its performing and if it can be improved.

For example, regularly monitoring your network can help IT experts identify a device that wasn’t updated. Because it missed an update, the device may be running abnormally slow, or there could be a security issue with it. Luckily, the issue can be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem.

With most modern systems, IT experts don’t even need to interact with the device to fix it. As long as it is connected to the network, they can push an update to it directly. Click for more information about how modern office network design can give you the tools to boost performance!

Find Security Threats Before They Attack

Regularly monitoring your company’s network also helps you find strange activities that could indicate a threat lurking in your files. For example, IT experts may find that an employee’s computer is visiting strange websites. It could also be running abnormally hard.

These are indications that malware could be lurking on the device, waiting for a chance to spread. A simple email to another device on the network can help the malware spread, threatening your whole company. If it isn’t caught quickly, you could face a severe Ransomware attack or worse.

But by monitoring your network’s performance, you can find the malware quickly. Then, you can remove the infected device from the network and work to remove the malware before it spreads.

Keep Your Office Network Focused and Productive

While your network may perform well, your employees may not always use it for work-related problems. Instead of reaching out to clients, they may be browsing social media. Usually, this isn’t much of a problem though, and employees can be trusted to get their work done.

However, there are cases when employees shrug off work and use the company network for personal reasons instead. By monitoring the network, you can identify these kinds of employees. Then, you can work with them to improve their performance, addressing the problem directly with network reports.

Network Performance Helps Your Entire Company

Network performance monitoring is a basic way to protect your company and help it succeed. In the same way that you make sure all of your equipment is well maintained, network performance monitoring helps maintain your IT system. It’s a way of avoiding big issues in the future.

And issues related to technology can be incredibly costly. They can damage the company brand, or even cost the company clients. So, leaders need to avoid them at all costs.

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