Why Schedule Septic Tank Pumping in Mount Pleasant, NC

There are many reasons to schedule a septic tank pumping service for your residential and commercial property in Mt. Pleasant, NC. As your trusted septic service contractors in the area, we share these important reasons why you need to schedule an appointment every three or five years. However, the maintenance and pumping of septic tanks will depend on the size and the number of occupants in the home or building.

Here are the most common reasons why you need to schedule a septic tank pumping service:

1. Avoid Drain Backup

No one wants to experience drain backup in their home or commercial space. Drain backup brings inconvenience and is also costly. When drains start to back up, it means that your septic tank is already full and needs immediate maintenance. Schedule your appointment with your trusted septic service company for an immediate solution.

2. Prevent Water Contamination

When the septic system becomes clogged, it prevents the drain field from filtering wastes properly. As a result, contaminants can pass through and pollute nearby sources of water. This is a serious issue

if you have a well on your property. Regular septic pumping can prevent this issue, but we still recommend you schedule routine well water testing to secure your family’s safety.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Septic tank repair and premature replacement are costly, and these are usually the result when home or business owners fail to schedule their routine septic tank pumping and maintenance services.

Most septic tank issues are caused by either a full tank or a clogged one. To prevent costly repairs and replace major components of your septic system, it pays off to call your septic system company for service.

4. Prevent Slow Toilet Flushing

Does your toilet flush slowly or fails to flush at all? This is an obvious reason for a septic tank issue that needs immediate solutions. Usually, our diagnosis for slow flushing toilets is a full septic tank and clogged pipes.

When you schedule regular septic tank pumping, you can get rid of this problem and continue with your daily lifestyle. If a clogged pipe causes the problem, you may need to call a plumber for repair service.

5. Prevent Sulfuric Odors

When a septic tank is full, it produces a sulfuric odor in the form of a rotten egg smell. If the same odor intensifies in your property, it only means that you are dealing with a sewage leakage. Sulfur is dangerous to your health, so you need to call a septic tank pumping company to do a thorough inspection and solve the issue fast.

Protect Your Home With Septic Tank Pumping

You don’t have to worry about your septic tank issues any longer! At HoneyBee Septic Tank Service, we offer reliable septic tank pumping at the most affordable costs. We are a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly professionals who are always ready to give a helping hand. Schedule your appointment with our experts today!

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