When Is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is known for its beauty, its people, and its culture. But did you know that San Juan also boasts the biggest natural harbor in the Caribbean?

Aside from that, Puerto Rico has over 300 beaches and 200 caves just waiting to be visited and explored by you. But when is the best time of the year to visit Puerto Rico?

Really, it boils down to what type of vacation you’re looking for.

Are you happy going during peak season? Are you hoping for bustling streets and busy beaches?

Or are you looking for the time of the year when it quietens down and you can enjoy Puerto Rico like a local?

Visiting Puerto Rico: December To April

This time of the year, from December through to April, is called the peak season. This is when most tourists flock to Puerto Rico for warmer weather and beach days.

The island does become a little crowded, particularly around tourist areas like the walled city of Old San Juan and prices tend to peak during this time. There are places that offer cool packages like a free tour of San Juan to keep you busy!

Visiting Puerto Rico: May to November

Visiting Puerto Rico in the fall is hot, tropical, and tranquil, providing a peaceful respite before the influx of sun-seekers for the hectic winter season. For most fall visitors, the peace and quiet on the beaches outweigh the threat of tropical storms. Although hurricane season lasts from June to November, August and September are the busiest months for hurricanes.

You’ll be able to discover discounted packages, but keep an eye on the weather forecasts and purchase travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances. The island as a whole slows down, but events like the Rincón Surfing Festival, the Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest, and the Jayya Indigenous Festival keep things interesting.

Cool Cultural Things

On another note, aside from beautiful scenery and amazing beaches as the Caribbean is famous for, you should take the time to look into local, cultural festivals and events.

The best part is that these often run throughout the year and are geared towards families too, so it doesn’t become just one big party, it’s cool for old and young alike!

Plus, the festivals really make it worth a trip to Puerto Rico with things covered from food festivals to music and heritage and more!

Best Time Of The Year To Visit Puerto Rico

Truly, it’s up to you to decide the best time of the year to visit Puerto Rico. Sit down with your travel companions and write a list of what each of you wants to see and do.

Decide whether it’s doable in the busy season or better in the quieter months and then simply go ahead and book that trip!

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