What to Look for When Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Did you know new restaurants fail because they don’t have enough capital at the beginning? Avoid overspending on new equipment. If you want to learn how to find the best kitchen equipment, we can help.

In this guide, we will explain what to look for when buying commercial kitchen equipment.

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What’s the Design of Your Commercial Kitchen?

Before buying kitchen equipment, you should spend time thinking about kitchen design. This kitchen design will get decided based on the business you will run.

The determining factor is the kind of food you will prepare. You will also need to account for storage space in your design. This way, supplies will arrive, but you can keep them fresh for an extended period.

You can ensure your business’s success when you have the right commercial equipment.

What Storage Equipment Do You Need?

Next, think about the storage system in your kitchen. You will need to consider how frequently you’ll receive deliveries and if you have enough space for the equipment.

How much food prep will you need to complete each day and week. You want to make sure you’re improving the function of your kitchen. Are there certain equipment pieces you can use to boost storage?

Commercial freezers and fridges will come in a range of sizes. Look at dry storage as well.

Do You Want Energy Efficient Equipment?

Save money on energy bills when you buy energy-efficient kitchen equipment.

Buy new kitchen equipment that is either Environmental Protection Agency certified. NSF-certified appliances will get designed to lower the carbon footprint.

What About the Warranty?

New commercial equipment can break down at unexpected times. When you buy commercial kitchen equipment, research the warranty.

Find out what the manufacturer provides. Replacement parts will end up costing a lot and affect your profit.

How Big Is Your Kitchen?

A new restaurant owner might make the mistake of not measuring their kitchen.

Measure your establishment, and understand how much space you have in your kitchen. Buying large kitchen equipment will end up cramping up your new kitchen.

You and your kitchen staff will have a difficult time working.

Spend Time Researching Equipment

Before you buy commercial kitchen equipment, spend time completing research. Read through different buying guides, kitchen blogs, and reviews.

Ask a kitchen expert before you finish your commercial kitchen equipment list. For example, what specific pieces do you need? Consider checking out commercial bar fridges.

Will You Buy New or Used Equipment?

Buying all brand new equipment will cost a lot. Brand new equipment is durable. It will cost a lot more compared to buying used commercial kitchen equipment.

For some equipment, like commercial ice machines or deep fryers. Otherwise, you could deal with hygiene or service-related problems.

Used gas models are a lot better compared to used electric models. Buy a used gas fryer instead of a used electric fryer.

What’s Your Budget?

When you buy commercial equipment, there’s a chance you could overspend. A lot of new restaurateurs will buy unnecessary tools that they regret.

Before buying commercial kitchen equipment, compare the prices between the various brands.

Upfront costs are high. Getting the ideal set of equipment will help your business succeed.

What Features Do You Seek?

Beginning a new restaurant is a challenge, but not impossible. If you buy new commercial equipment, make sure it has the right qualities or features you need.

You’ll maintain safety and health regulations when you have the right equipment. You can prevent mayhem in the kitchen.

It would help if you worked with commercial-grade equipment. Working with residential equipment is against health codes. It also won’t sustain the workload your restaurant needs.

Will You Lease or Finance the Equipment?

When looking for equipment, you have a few options other than buying the pieces outright. You could turn to finance or lease the items.

Leasing is an option if the equipment you need ages fast. You aren’t tied up to that particular piece when the leasing contract is made.

Some leases include insurance to cover non-technical issues with the leased equipment.

Some Equipment Will Have Imperfections

You shouldn’t judge a piece of equipment right away based on its appearance. The commercial kitchen supplier will deliver some pieces with scratches, dents, or scratches.

These pieces get wear-and-tear from the transportation process or the works on display.

These conditions won’t affect the performance of the equipment. You might save a significant amount of money if you choose an imperfect piece.

Avoid Overbuying

New owners get enticed by all the different tools or equipment from the kitchen industry. Make sure you focus on buying what you need.

Don’t get swayed by discounts, trends, or offers. Buy what you need for your particular kitchen and the tools your chefs will need.

Don’t buy something that will take up precious space in your commercial kitchen.

Prepare Your Equipment Purchase List

Try to plan your upcoming purchases. Planning helps you learn about the equipment and find pieces with excellent reviews.

You can find out when things go on sale and avoid a compulsive buy.

Start Shopping for Kitchen Equipment

We hope this guide on kitchen equipment was helpful. Consider your budget for your commercial kitchen and if you need to measure your space. Avoid overspending on gear, and try to stick to what you need.

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