What To Consider When Purchasing The Best Pet Seat Cover

If you own a dog, you understand how difficult it may be to transport them in your vehicle without producing a major mess. If you and your dog enjoy travelling to the beach, hiking, the dog park, or even simply to the groomer or vet, you’re well aware of the amount of mud, dirt, sand, and hair they can track everywhere, and quickly. Not to mention the destruction their paws and claws can do on your prized furnishings.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to preserve the interior of your vehicle and keep it clean while still being able to transport your canine companion wherever you go, a dog car seat cover is an excellent alternative. With practical designs and budget-friendly options, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without one.

Whether it’s the front seat, rear seat, or cargo compartment, there’s an excellent cover for your pet’s favourite location in your vehicle. Our detailed buying guide will assist you in determining the best dog car seat cover for you and your four-legged companions, allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time having fun with your pet.

Consider the Following:

When determining which of the best car seat covers for dogs reviews on the market is the greatest fit for you, your vehicle, and your pet, there are several factors to consider. The next section discusses how material, size, trip length, and pet requirements may affect your purchase.


The most critical component of a decent pet seat cover, in our opinion, is the materials. The following materials are frequently used:

600D Oxford fabric: A durable polyester fabric that is used to waterproof a product.

PP cotton: A polypropylene-based cotton alternative that is used to fill pet seat covers for enhanced comfort.

TPU material is waterproof: a plastic-rubber combination that also helps with waterproofing.

Non-slip PVC rubber: Typically used on the bottom surface of pet seat covers as a gripping surface.

Additionally, drivers should check for exterior layers that are quilted or sewn. This texture enables pets to grasp the pet seat cover securely without sliding or puncturing the material.


Prior to purchasing, ensure that any pet seat cover will fit your vehicle. One of the most common customer complaints we received was about pet seat covers that did not fit properly owing to sizing difficulties. Verify cover sizes and compare them to the measurements of your vehicle.

Length of Trip

If you’re only carrying your pet a few blocks, use an easy-to-install and remove cover. If you intend to take longer drives, consider purchasing a cover that provides additional space for your pet – such as a cargo cover – or one that is extra secure, requiring fewer readjustments mid-drive.

Pet Requirements

When choosing a seat cover, consider your pet’s needs in mind. Is your senior pet prone to mishaps? Purchase in a waterproof cover that is completely impervious to water. Is your pet fearful of the car? Select a front seat cover or a cover with mesh panelling to reassure your animal companion. Additionally, consider your pet’s temperament and activity level.

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