What the Web Development Process Actually Looks Like in Practice

Have you ever wanted to become the best web developer? It’s all about building stunning websites for businesses. If you have the right skills and knowledge, you can create a website from nothing over several weeks.

Do you know what the web development process looks like, though? If you want this career, you need to understand how the job gets done.

Today, you’ll do just that. Read on to learn about the magic behind developing websites.

Meet With the Small Business Owner

Before the best website design can get brought to life, a developer must know what their client wants. They’ll meet with the small business owner to find out what type of website they need.

During the meeting, the developer will ask about the business so they can tailor the website to fit it. They’ll also ask about what must-have features and web design trends their client is looking for on the site.

Create a Wireframe and Mockup

Once the website developer understands the project, they can create drafts to reference. They might do this digitally or go old-school with a pencil and sketchbook.

The client can expect to see a wireframe and mockup of their website. The wireframe is like a template that establishes the layout. A mockup is basically a rough draft or example to work off.

Begin to Develop the Website

After drafting, the web developer will begin the official website. This step is when the magic starts to happen! They’ll reference the mockup often to ensure they’re going in the right direction.

Developers use HTML and CSS, plus some JavaScript, to do their work. Some use professional website builders, too. Creating the website takes time, so this is often the longest part.

Share Progress and Request Feedback

The best web developer will continue meeting with their client while developing the website. By doing so, they can share progress and get feedback along the way. This allows the small business owner to remain involved and make changes as necessary.

When giving feedback, the client shouldn’t be making drastic changes. Instead, they should only request minor tweaks. If major edits are needed, it could cost more and extend the deadline.

Get Approval and Launch the Website

Everyone’s favorite part of the web development process comes at the end. This is when the website gets finalized! The developer will take their work and get approval from the client first, though.

Once the client is happy and approves, the website will launch officially. Some developers finish once they hand over the site, while others offer routine maintenance afterward (like in this package).

This Is the Web Development Process

If you’ve ever wanted to be a website developer, now’s the time to do it! You’ll work with your clients through a web development process like this one. While it’s long, the process is well worth it to produce the best website design seo .

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