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Best Types of Shoes For Comfort & Style

Shoes are known to be perhaps one of the essential parts of any wardrobe. As they hold the power to make or break any outfit, a well-equipped shoe collection is all you need to make sure you never run out of impressive outfits. The times when footwear was limited to solely being a protective gear against stones and glass are long gone, and today’s footwear industry is booming on a large scale for multiple reasons. Shoes today offer much more than just functionality – from top-notch comfort to incredibly stylish options, you can find it all in your nearby stores or online shopping centres like Mochi Shoes.

If you are looking to upgrade your collection, here are some of the best shoes in terms of comfort and style that you should check out:

  • Sneakers: Sneakers are one of the best shoes you can get your hands on. They are an extremely trendy and stylish type of sports shoes. They have a sturdy grip due to the lace closure and stability of the textured outsole. Sneakers bring versatility to your collection as they look good with pretty much anything. The cushioned footbed allows for flexibility and maximum comfort.
  • Boots: Boots are a type of footwear that fully cover the foot and ankle of the wearer. These are popular for being sophisticated and elegant, helping you pull off the best outfits. You can find multiple different types of boots in the market like ankle boots, Chelsea boots, combat boots, knee length boots and more in heeled and flat options.
  • Slip Ons: Slip ons, as the name suggests, are laceless shoes that you can easily slip on. These have a solid, plain look that is perfect if you are looking for comfortable, everyday wear. Slip ons are easy to wear, convenient and stylish, making them an absolute must-have in your wardrobe.
  • Flip Flops: Flip flops are a type of casual footwear usually worn daily. These have a T-shaped strap that runs from between their toes and is attached to both sides of the surface. While these used to be pretty simple in the aesthetic sense, the latest trends will offer you incredibly fashionable flip flops that you should surely try out.
  • Sandals: These are other open footwear types with multiple straps holding the wearer’s foot to the surface. Sandals sometimes tend to have heels and can be worn with just about anything. They have a soft and flexible surface with anti-skid qualities, making them ideal footwear for monsoon.
  • Mojaris: No wardrobe is complete without a pair of ethnic shoes, and none fit the role better than mojaris. These can be described as ethnic slippers with multiple embellishments or embroideries attached to their straps. For many, mojaris are the go-to ethnic options on various occasions.

These shoes and more like mules, slippers, pumps, ballerinas, etc., are worth buying. So take a look at Mochi Shoes’ extensive collection of high-quality shoes and start shopping!

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