May 30, 2024

6 Stunning Three Stone Ring Designs To Contemplate

Of the many engagement ring designs, the three-stone setting is probably the most popular; trinity rings happen to be 3-stone designs. If you are soon to be getting engaged, here are a few classic 3-stone engagement ring designs to contemplate.

  1. Inlaid Diamonds – A central stone with a smaller one on each side are set into the band with a bezel setting. Champagne diamonds add some rich colour and depth. Ideal for the active woman as the diamonds are set into the band, and let’s not forget that a trinity ring has many meanings. Loyalty, trust and devotion, to name but a few, and with a leading jewellery maker on the project, the perfect inlaid diamond engagement ring awaits!
  1. The Classic Trinity Ring – Yellow or white gold band, with a central diamond and one smaller stone on each side, this is a classic trinity ring design that goes with any look. If you are looking for a 3 stone diamond engagement ring Australia or the country where you are located creates, start by making enquiries with a leading custom jeweller. This should lead to an approved design and the jeweller can acquire loose and uncut diamonds, which will be cut to your specifications.
  1. Green Emerald & Yellow Diamonds On Rose Gold – A single green emerald with a couple of small champagne diamonds would make for a stunning three-stone engagement ring. The princess cut is advised for the emerald, which brings out the shine in the gemstone; champagne diamonds would perfectly match for colour. It is a myth that bespoke jewellery is expensive, when compared to an off-the-shelf solution, a custom-made ring is similar in price.
  1. Pink & Purple – The Argyle pink central diamond can be acquired by a custom jeweller and on either side, small purple pave stones go perfectly with the stunning brilliant round Argyle pink diamond. Either rose gold or platinum is ideal for the band and with the gemstones acquired at wholesale prices, this ring is more than affordable. Consult with the jewellery-maker regarding stone cut and set design. For a woman who loves purple and pink, this is the perfect engagement ring. Talk to a bespoke jeweller who offers unique handmade engagement rings and they can design a pink & purple trinity ring for you.
  1. Alexandrite Colours – Alexandrite is a unique gemstone in as much as the colours change with the ambient light, from green to red. A large central stone with a smaller one on each side, with a platinum band, results in a ring that attracts the eye, thanks to the colour change. If you would like to view stunning images of cut alexandrite, contact a custom jeweller who has all the solutions.
  1. Black Diamonds In Yellow Gold – Black diamonds are perfect for the woman who loves something different and the contrast with yellow gold is striking. For the best selection of black diamonds, you should make contact with a custom jeweller who can design the engagement ring from scratch. One thing is for sure, many people will comment on your stunning engagement ring and who could blame them?

The above suggestions are just a few ideas to design and create a three-stone engagement ring. If you contact a leading custom jewellery maker, you can take the first step to creating the engagement ring of your dreams. 

Three stone ring designs have been around for centuries, and there are so many great ways that this classic design can be used to create a unique 3-stone engagement ring.

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