July 14, 2024

Tips For Women To Keep It Chic And Sexy In Joggers And Stylish Uppers

Joggers have recently become an embodiment of casual styles that can never go wrong in the monsoon and winter seasons. Celebs and fashion experts are often spotted teaming up this stylish dress code with a chic top or hoodies that draw the attention. 

No wonder, joggers for women can be hidden gems of the wardrobe and can be a game-changer for your style if teamed up with a stylish upper – smartly and exactly the way a fashion expert does. Perhaps your choices for joggers look are already perfect, but if you want to add a WOW factor, here are some fantastic tips you must give a try.

Grey Joggers Plus White T-Shirt

Grey joggers combined with a plain white t-shirt can be the best blueprint of casual style. You must give this statement piece an instant try because not all girls know the potential of this fantastic combo. This low-contrast look can be an excellent member of your style diary for its comfort that is truly unbeatable. A pair of casual shoes would be the best touch-up to your entire dressing. If you want to dominate the stress style scene, consider this option and find your dream look. 

An All-White Jogger Outfit

Joggers are undoubtedly a new must-have statement piece that modern women love a lot. The comfort that this versatile dress code adds to your overall appearance is truly a great feature that everyone adores.  All-white joggers on the top of that work like a cherry on the top. For the upper, you can go with anything from a simple top to white hoodies for women. Just remember to focus on the shape and size of the dressing element. You can also keep the upper un-tucked for a freestyle vibe. 

An All-Black Jogger Outfit

Black is the best alternative to white if you hate that. All-black jogger style isn’t a new concept; it has been living on fashion routes for a long time. But today, with the help of fashion experts, this style has been re-fined and re-launched across women’s wardrobes with a new angle. Simply choose any black jogger and team it up with a black upper to elevate your style game on the move. You can also accessorize your outfit with shinning stuff to spark more elegance in your styling. 

A Crop Top Upon A Jogger Pant

A crop top paired with a well-picked jogger pant is all you need for your regular gym session. You can better focus on your routine and experience comfort in jogger pants at the same time. Girls love this combination; still, the color would be the boss. You need to consider it carefully. However, you can also keep this task going simple with black jogger pants and a flashy colored crop top that is in trend.  

An Oversize Upper With Jogger

Oversize hoodies for women are also in trend. Especially when you pair this most remarkable statement piece with a jogger, things get more perfect. If you have some figure issues or seek the most incredible outfit that highlights your swag, this combo is the go-to option for you. You must have a great excuse to say no to this dress code because already women appreciate it. You can also try this concept as a coordinated couple outfit. 

Full Sleeve Tee with a Jogger 

Joggers are pretty popular in the winter season, and most women prefer wearing them with something that gives their body the best cover. And beyond a surprise, full sleeve tees are the best fit for this fashion goal. You should also try out this combo. Choose a full sleeve tee, pair it up with jogger pants, and work with different colors. Dark bottom and light-colored upper or vice versa, go with the best color which you find better for your style plan.  

Printed Options 

Consider picking up some printed shades if you don’t want to keep it simple. Printed tee or a printed jogger pant- choose anything that suits you well. But try to stay away from overdoing, else the final outfit would fail to give you the desired appearance. However, you can avoid printed options if you want to use joggers for sleepwear outfits. But for a casual day-out outfit, printed options can be the best fit.  

Final Words

This article gives you a thick idea of the variations of jogger styles that is totally insane. You just need to shortlist a good upper, and you are all set to hit the best look in jogger pants. Joggers for women are the synonym of coziness. If you also want to enjoy the comfort and stylishness of jogger pants, visit Bewakoof.com, where finding the best jogger style is a matter of few seconds. 

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.