May 29, 2024

Styling a Skater Dress

What’s your style like? Does it incline more towards classy or casual? Well, whatever it be, a skater fit or A-line dress is something that compliments both styles impeccably. You can pull it off with a denim jacket as feasibly as you can pull it off with a leather jacket. 

Thus, these dresses are chic and an all-things good option. But what is a skater dress? They are A-line dresses with their length ending right above the knees. Also, the dress gives out a loose fit below the waistline, making them super comfortable. Read on to know more about these super versatile dresses and how you can style them.

Evolution of Skater Dresses 

The wardrobe staple from the 90s assures grace, comfort, and poise. These dresses complement the body most beautifully, whether it is a casual outing or a classy event. 

If you think that they have just gained popularity, you might be mistaken. These dresses rose to popularity in the early 1920s and have been an on and off trend ever since. 

The idea comes from the skating outfits. The skaters used to wear tapered trousers with long skirts sewed around them. In the nick of time, the idea evolved into adorable A-line dresses. 

Styling Skater Dresses

If elegance peppered with loads of comfort is what you are looking for in a dress, look no further. These dresses will give you just the required inches to flaunt your waistline while adding a puff to your lower body, giving out flattering vibes.

Also, what is better than a super comfortable dress making you look cute and effortless. Besides, it is not necessary to flaunt expensive evening gowns or heavily embellished dresses to look classy. Especially when you can attain all of it while following the trend by simply styling them, here are some ways you can style it. 

Accessorise it up!

Wear those earrings and statement neckpieces. Use scarves and hats to put together a poised look. Accessories can change the face of an outfit. Thus, never ignore the details. Even a simple belt can make a world of difference. 

The Footwear Game

If you think proportion cannot make a difference, you are mistaken. To make the look more casual, pair your skater fit with a pair of sneakers. Switch to mules or other flats for brunch and throw in boots or pumps to outshine at an event.  

Jackets and Uppers

To add that extra bit to your skater outfit, throw on a jacket. The kind of jacket you wear would eventually determine the whole concept of the look. A denim jacket would be ideal for casual outings and brunch dates. 

On the other hand, a leather jacket would give you that edgy look. And lastly, to make your fit more formal and polished, style the dress with a crisp neutral-toned jacket and voila!

Wrapping Up

The perfect blend of fashion, chic and comfortable, a piece of clothing you cannot go wrong with. When in doubt, throw on a skater dress, and you’ll be good to go. A versatile piece that perfectly aligns with all occasions from breakfast to dinner. 

Besides, the blazing Australian summers call for breezy, comfortable fits, and these dresses will prove to be an absolute gamechanger. Next time you doubt the potential of skater fits or think it is a gone trend, remember this article because classics are timeless!

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.