July 19, 2024

5 Different Types of Bottom Wear you can Wear with Kurta

Traditional clothing has a distinct charm in them. They make you stand out and look so attractive and graceful. The embedded sherwani, the cotton or jute kurtas and the Nehru jacket, these attires bring a tremendous change in your appearance and of course, the positive one! But to ensure that you look your graceful best in these kurtas, it’s important that you team up with suitable coordinating lowers for men. Have some ideas regarding these? Take a look at the options listed below if not! 

  • Pencil fit pants – Pencil fit lowers for men are most suitable on festive occasions and even look good as your casual traditional attire. You get them in various colours and teaming up with long or knee length kurtas makes you look cool and confident. 
  • Dhoti bottoms – One of the most preferred lowers for men on kurtas are the traditional dhoti bottoms. We understand you love your values and want to imitate your forefather’s dressing style on different occasions and functions. But you need more than the regular level of confidence to wear the dhotis in a primitive way. Thanks to the ready to wear dhoti pants, you can mimic the same style without much effort and look your best in the traditional dress by pairing it on a kurta.
  • Regular fit pyjamas – You can never beat the comfort level of wearing kurtas with regular pyjamas. They are super comfortable and easy to wear and provide a sleek look with your long or short kurtas. What’s more, you can happily wear a kurta pyjama in a stylish way to a festive party, make it formal with a khadi or cotton kurta and head your casual meetups and even try the basic, loose fit kurtas and pyjamas as your nightwear. 
  • Men’s patiala bottoms – Another impressive option in the lowers for men is the patiala style pants. These can be worn on festive occasions to make you look traditional and even attractive. You will display a classic personality especially if you pick the vibrant or dark hues of kurtas on the light shades of patiala bottoms.
  • Semi-formal pants – Another great way to twist your traditional wear a bit is by choosing semi-formal pants with your kurtas. Doesn’t matter if you want to slay the festive look wearing a really expensive kurta, or it’s your regular day out with family and you are wearing a knee length kurta of flimsy material, it does the magic and enhances your personality. 

Now the next time you want to flaunt your traditional kurta collections, don’t scratch your head. Just pick any one of these lowers for men and wait for those appraisals in everyone’s eyes. 

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