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Purchase Generic Medicines in India

What are generic medicines? 

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), generic medicines are created to be the same as existing approved brand-name medicines in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, and performance characteristics. 

Examples of generic medicines in India –

Paracetamol is a generic medicine used for treating fever(antipyretic) and pain(analgesic). Crocin is a popular brand name medicine for paracetamol.

Ranitidine is a generic medicine name of the brand medicine Zantac and is used for indigestion and acid reflux.

Medicine lorazepam is used for treating anxiety and sleeping disorders and is a generic name for Ativan.

Are generic medicines in India better than branded versions? 

All medicines in India are tested and approved by The Central Drug Standard Control Organization (CDSCO). According to the CDSCO, generic medicines in India have- 

  • The same active ingredient as the brand-name medicines.
  • The same use indications, form(injections & tablets), strength, and route of administration(oral or topical). 
  • Made under the same strict standards as the brand name medicine.
  • The same label as the brand-name medicine’s label.
  • Been sold only after patent approval.

Usually, branded and generic medicines in India have the same clinical effect. But, generic medicines are considered better in terms of affordability and convenience.  

Generic medicines in India cost 85% less than the branded medicines. It costs less because it does not have to repeat animal and clinical studies required by the branded medicines to prove effectiveness and safety. 

Branded medicines are marketed well on the television, radio, or apps, which require a good amount of money. Manufacturers sell brand-name medicines a little expensive because of the compensation of money. 

Brand-name medicines’ equivalent generic medicines in India are available in more than 12,000 quantities in the market. This makes it easy for consumers to find generic medicines rather than brand-name medicines in pharmacies.  

The involvement of a middleman is more common in the supplies of brand-name medicines instead of generic medicines. 

Which is the best medicine delivery app for purchasing generic medicines? 

When choosing an app for buying generic medicines, convenience, quality, and cost-effectivity are crucial aspects. An app that offers all three or more crucial aspects is Trumeds.

Truemeds is the best medicine delivery app for purchasing generic medicines in India on your phone. It offers:

  • Convenience and time-saving for everyone, including the elderly, less educated, busy scheduled people, and disabled persons.
  • Medicines in the best medicine delivery app are approved by the CDSCO and under strict testing standards.
  • Generic medicines are recommended by the certified doctors of Truemeds with years of experience. 
  • The best medicine delivery app even has the testing standards for generic medicines. Every medicine in Trumeds is clinically effective.
  • It supplies medicines from the top 30 manufacturers of medicines.
  • The best medicine delivery app guarantees to reduce the cost of medicines by up to 72%, which makes it affordable for customers.

The best medicine delivery app of Truemeds makes sure that it sells 100% quality medicines to its customers with utmost convenience. 

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