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Everything You Must Know About PDO Threads

Everybody is concerned about the aging process and tries their best to defy it. Moreover, celebrities with their visibly flawless skin and plump lips have also influenced people to opt for medical procedures to maintain the youthful elasticity of the skin and prevent wrinkling. As such, PDO thread lift is a treatment that garnered much attention in beauty and aesthetics in recent times. In this procedure, dissolvable PDO threads are used to lift and tighten your skin. 

So, the following are some details on the procedure.

What Are PDO Thread Lifts?

PDO thread lift involves using these special threads to enhance your facial features. The polydioxanone thread lift requires the insertion of biodegradable and dissolvable polyester sutures into your skin. And when inserted into the skin, the fine needles boost collagen production in the area and make it firm. Meanwhile, the threads will dissolve within six to nine months, improving the skin’s tone, volume, and firmness. 

What Are the Basic Features of a PDO Thread?

PDO thread is the type of suture used in the thread lift procedure. It is made from colourless polyester that gets broken down in the body within six months. The insertion of these sutures triggers the fibroblasts resulting in increased collagen production. Moreover, PDO thread lift causes contraction of fat tissues resulting in instant tightening. The collagen boost and neovascularisation enhance skin texture, reduces fine lines and increase elasticity. 

There are three kinds of PDO threads: PDO screw threads, PDO cog threads and PDO mono threads. Screw threads are made of intertwined threads that restore volume in the sunken regions of the skin. Cog threads are also called barbed threads with small fish hooks latching onto the skin to provide support and lift to specific parts. Meanwhile, mono threads are sutures that stimulate collagen formation and rejuvenate the skin. 

What Benefits Can You Derive From a Thread Lift?

PDO thread lifts have multiple benefits for people of different age groups. The treatment is best suited for those who wish to improve skin texture, lift the look and reduce wrinkles without going through an invasive surgical procedure. Also, people with mature skin can place threads around the eyes to treat crow’s feet or in the neck to prevent sagging or developing a double chin. 

Younger individuals opt for a PDO thread lift to have perfectly lifted eyebrows or chiselled cheekbone and a defined jawline. There are various other applications of PDO thread lifts like evening out smile lines, correcting aging necks or lifting hooded eyes.

What Is the Process of Treatment and Healing?

The procedure is non-invasive; hence, much preparation is not required before the treatment. However, it is best to refrain from alcohol, blood thinners, aspirin, multivitamins and omega fish oils.   

The treatment would start by applying a local anesthetic or topical numbing agent to prevent pain or discomfort. The threads would then be inserted via sharp-tipped needles or cannulas. You may have swelling for a few days, which will be completely healed within a week. Additionally, sleeping on your back will be helpful and prevent putting pressure on the skin. Meanwhile, a PDO thread lift can be a convenient option for you to get rid of saggy or wrinkled skin and have effective and long-lasting results without undergoing an invasive surgical procedure.   

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