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Management of NDIS Individualised Plans

There are a number of elements to an NDIS plan, varying from one participant to another, and it requires management. There are a number of options to choose from on how they want that management to happen. They might nominate someone to handle it for them or choose to do it themselves. They might find and select an NDIS plan manager Sydney or they might choose the agency to manage it for them. A few choose to combine two or all three choices. Here is a closer look at the three.

Choosing self-management

The key responsibilities you or your nominated manager will have is to seek invoices when you purchase services, choosing service providers that are preferred, make claims for expenses, pay servicing providers and maintain all the appropriate records. Participants are encouraged and aided in creating and directing their plans but the management of the funds allocated can be managed by someone else if they choose. If they choose to manage some part of the budget then they need to ensure that as well as the above they also report to the NDIA on spending.

If the nominees or the participants when to self-manage their funds but do not have the skills or knowledge to do it well, then the NDIA will offer opportunities for them to transition to self-management. This means they can learn the skills they need and then move to self-management at a later date. Participants can employ someone they know or pay another party who is registered to deliver services and supports with the NDIA like an NDIS plan manager Sydney.

Choosing NDIA management

You can use NDIA to manage the funding of the plan rather than employ NDIS plan managers Sydney. If the participant chooses this option they are giving the responsibility to the NDIA to pay suppliers on their behalf. The nominee or participant is still the one who chooses their suppliers and established agreements with the providers. A statement each month will be sent to the participant detailing the providers and services paid by the NDIA for the participant. When the participant choose the NDIA to manage their plan the NDIA expect the participant to only chose registered providers for all their services and support needs.

Choosing a plan management provider

A plan management provider must be a registered provider. They might be an individual or they might be a company or organisation. NDIS plan managers Sydney might offer management for some of the supports in the plan or all of them. It includes the financial management of funds and they are the ones who will make claims for expenses, provide payment to supports providers, send monthly statements and so on. As well as these standard practices the provider is also required to enhance the participant’s ability to develop self management abilities and skills or have support in their efforts, and to build in the participant organisational and financial skills.

This article hopes to provide readers with basic information on NDIS plan managers and how they can help people under the Australian disability scheme. This article does not claim to provide accurate and conclusive information.

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