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Time to Make a Decision about Office Space

When you are looking for a property to base your business from, things can be confusing and the process to buy office space in Kolkata is tough. Change is hard and expensive! Whether you need more space as the business expands, or you are choosing to move from leasing to owning to have better stability, there is a lot to think about. Location, space, whether employees can get to work, if people can find you, is it the best choice for the industry you work in? Every business faces the question of whether it is time to expand and move several times so here is a closer look at some of the things to think about.

Are you leasing or buying?

One of the biggest choices to make is whether to opt for a small office space for sale in Kolkata or to lease (rent). The main factor in determining this choice is whether you have the money to be able to buy a property as obviously, that is the more expensive option. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option depending on how large your business is, its type, what location you need to be in and how much flexibility you need to have. If you want to move again soon, buying is not the best choice, leasing is.

Does the office space meet your needs?

Another consideration as you look at different office spaces is whether it actually meets your needs depending on how your business functions. Some businesses might just need some floor space for a few desks and facilities for the employees. Some might be looking for more, a proper reception area, a conference room or two, an inner large office, a kitchen area and so on.

Is it in a good location for your business?

If your business is office space attached to your actual business or shop then you need to be in a location your customers can get to and where foot traffic passing by might be drawn into.

Why choose to buy over leasing?

If you have the money there are advantages to choosing to buy office space in Kolkata. Once you choose a good location you have no rent to pay, you have stability, you have a strong asset to back up your business, you could rent out some of the space and earn more money from it, a permanent address and ownership of a building is a sign to investors and clients of reliability and stability too.


When you are looking for commercial space whether larger or a small office space for sale in Kolkata there is a lot to think about. Buying is only an option when you have the down payment and can manage the monthly mortgage payments. Finding your own office space is an exciting time but you need to choose wisely so that you do not get stuck in a poor location, or with payments you are not able to manage.

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