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Pros And Cons Of Residing in Bluewaters Island – Too Tourist-centric or Luxury Personified?

The city of Dubai is brimming with architectural marvels that never cease to amaze anyone. Bluewaters Island by Meraas Holding is positioned off the Jumeirah Beach Residence coast. This establishment is also a wonder. 

If you wish to invest in or rent out a unit in this residential project, below are all the pros and cons of residing in Bluewaters Island that you should be aware of to make a conscious decision.

An initiative by Meraas Holding, Bluewaters Island is an unrivaled venture that strives to redefine the opulent waterfront lifestyle in the city. It is only 300 metres away from Jumeirah Beach Residence – one of the hotspots in Dubai. 

This mega-development boasts above 700 properties, more than 200 restaurants and retail stores, and 2 5-star hotels. The Bluewaters Island is also home to Ain Dubai – the biggest observation wheel in the world.

Below, have a look at the pros and cons so that you can gather all the essential information before moving to a home in Bluewaters Island. These details are also useful if you want to purchase an opulent apartment in the neighborhood.

Pros of Residing in Bluewaters Island

Let’s kick off by exploring the pros of living in this establishment.

  1. A prime address

Perhaps the biggest advantage of residing in Bluewaters Island is that the address is as hot as it can be. Located just off Jumeirah Beach Residence, the legendary Meraas Holding development is only a few minutes away from Dubai Marina. 

Not only this, Bluewaters Island can also be easily reached by numerous transportation modes. Driving to the island requires around 10 minutes via Garn Al Sabka Street that links it to the mainland. 

  1. Accessibility to public transportation links

Another perk that can be counted as a solid advantage of residing in Bluewaters Island is the public transportation system. Generally, people who reside on islands have difficulty in going from one place to another, particularly if they don’t have their personal vehicle. But you won’t have any such problem if you pick Bluewaters Island.

The people living in Jumeirah Beach Residence can take advantage of the pedestrian bridge to cross Bluewaters Island. But if you hail from other areas of Dubai, it’s a good idea to take the Dubai Metro and get off at the DMCC metro station. 

Afterward, you can either use the tram to Jumeirah Beach Residence Tram Station 2 or hail a taxi to the location. The Dubai Marina Tram Station is not far away as well.

  1. Opulent waterfront properties

All homes in Bluewaters Island are a pinnacle of luxurious waterfront lifestyle. One can find around 700 apartments, along with some penthouses present inside 10 mid-rise apartment buildings. 

Homeowners and tenants can make their decision from 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments, which guarantee an all-round view of the island. Likewise, you can also find some townhouses in this development.

The homes are constructed by following minimalist themes, and adding sophisticated metallic fittings and wooden floors. Those interested to purchase superior apartments will fall in love with the top-tier amenities available in Bluewaters Apartments for rent.

  1. Recreational Facilities

A major benefit of residing in Bluewaters Island is the straightforward access to recreational activities. The crown jewel of these recreational activities and tourist attractions is Ain Dubai. This is hailed as the tallest and biggest observation wheel in the world.

After the launch of Ain Dubai, it broke records for the London Eye and High Roller in Las Vegas. Visitors can learn everything about the stellar landmarks they are visiting from the top of the LED screens in each capsule.

Another hotspot attraction in the establishment is Caesars Palace. This is a branch of the globally recognized chain of posh hotels that are also available in Las Vegas. It’s one of the two hotels in Bluewaters Island and displays a spa, a beach club, health care centers, and 2 swimming pools. 

Furthermore, the famous resort is home to some of the top-rated restaurants in Bluewaters Island, such as the famous beach club called Cover Beach and Hell’s Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. Aside from the Caesars Palace, visitors can visit the Caesars Resort Bluewaters. 

This resort boasts 301 rooms, and due to the guest services, the hotel has gained a positive reputation in a short time. Both expats and locals in the UAE visit this hotel to enjoy water sport facilities. Last but not the least, Brass Monkey is an ideal weekend hangout spot.

The popular Madame Tussauds Museum is also available on Bluewaters Island. This means you can take selfies with your favorite celebrity waxworks. Shopping here is nothing short of a fun activity because the top brands are available. 

Many more brands are ready to open their outlets here soon. The people living in Bluewaters Island are spoiled for choice regarding entertainment.

Cons Of Residing in Bluewaters Island

While Bluewaters Island may seem like a dream come true, it also comes with some disadvantages that you should be aware of.

  1. A limited selection of properties

Bluewaters Island boasts some of the most opulent residential properties in Dubai, but sadly, they are limited. This means that they are high in demand and usually go off the real estate market very quickly. 

Even though the establishment primarily consists of mid-rise apartment buildings and townhouses, some villas are also available.

  1. Overcrowding by tourists 

Due to a huge number of recreational venues in the Bluewaters Island, the neighborhood is also a famous popular tourist attraction. Although there are tons of perks of residing in such places, overcrowding can take a toll on you, particularly when you rely on public transportation links to commute from one place to another. Are you ready to overlook this factor and focus on the strong points?

Those wishing to reside in Bluewaters Island will need to weigh the pros and cons before settling here or making an investment here. Visitors can also save their time by avoiding rush hour or choosing a taxi or metro bus rather than their own personal vehicle while visiting this establishment.

Summing it Up

To conclude, Bluewaters Island is an overall flawless place to reside in. It happens to feature the best entertainment and lifestyle amenities for the lucky residents. This stellar waterfront destination is great for families, singles, and couples who want to taste luxury. 

But unfortunately, too many good things can lead to overcrowding by tourists. This can make things chaotic for the occupants who wanted a tranquil environment. If you think you can handle this disadvantage, Bluewaters Island should be your future residence.

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