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What are Ceramic or Clear Braces? What are its Different Types?

Most people find an appointment with a dentist scary, especially if teeth are crooked and the doctor has advised to put on braces for better teeth alignment. More often, the traditional wired metallic braces are the most common and known braces to everyone. With the advancement in technology, the braces have also seen many changes. People prefer natural-looking braces that can blend with the colour of their teeth to give them an invisible look. Newer braces like ceramic braces have taken the industry by a storm and have become the first choice for people, especially adults and teens. 

Know more about ceramic braces

As the name implies, clear braces blend in with the teeth to give people with self-conscious smiles a virtually invisible look. 

The ceramic braces are made of polycrystalline ceramic material. 

What is polycrystalline ceramic material? 

Polycrystalline ceramic materials are ceramic materials that are directly created by mixing crystals without adding a matrix.

Consequently, these ceramic materials are more air and glass free, giving them a more natural appearance. The most prevalent frameworks are aluminous oxide or zirconia oxide.

Why do you need braces? 

If you’re looking for an aesthetic option and don’t want to compromise on the quality of the braces, they are a perfect choice as they blend well with the natural colour of the teeth. 

Braces are well suited for adults and teens who look for invisible aligners for their teeth. However, these braces are a little fragile compared to metal ones, so proper care is required.

Difference between metal and clear braces

Both metal and clear braces are widely preferred due to their multidimensional uses in dentistry. 

1. Material used – Metal braces are made of hard tensile metal, giving them a high tensile strength to hold the teeth together. The wires are complex and have a solid and tight grip. 

Ceramic or clear braces are made of polycrystalline ceramic material that makes them a little fragile to the oral forces of the mouth while chewing hard food, so proper care is essential. 

2. Visibility- Clear or ceramic braces are nearly invisible and blend naturally with the colour of teeth. In contrast, metal braces are easily visible, making them a less preferred option among people conscious of their looks.

3. Staining– Though the metal braces have no issue with staining, ceramic or clear braces may stain over time. The ceramic or clear braces can often get stained due to coffee, tea, soda, etc. but can be cleaned easily at a gap of 3 -4 months. It’s a hassle-free process; usually, the staining is significantly less.

4. Cost- The cost of ceramic or clear braces are little high, but it is the best option for people who want to opt for low-key braces look. Therefore, opt for clear braces to ensure that looks are not compromised.


Clear braces and metal braces are popular for people suffering from malocclusions. Clear braces are preferred due to their natural look and aesthetics. In addition, clear braces don’t interfere during imaging tests and provide less signal interference, unlike metal braces.

 So if you are looking for a tooth alignment procedure, ask your dentist about the clear braces to know if you’re an eligible candidate for it and then book the appointment for the treatment.

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