How to Manage Hygiene and Pain after Oral Surgery?

Whether you have gone through tooth extraction, dental implant, or any other oral surgery St George Utah, you’ve taken a big step towards improving your dental health. However, you are not done yet. To ensure that you recover easily and quickly, you need to take care of hygiene after the surgery. In this article, we have included the tips you can use after getting oral treatment.

Manage Bleeding

To control the bleeding, the dentist usually asks you to bite down on a gauge with pressure. It forms a blood clot in the tooth socket that stops the bleeding. Still, if you are bleeding when you reach home, bite down on a teabag. It has tannic acid that helps to form a blood clot. Repeat the step until the bleeding stops. However, slight blood oozing is normal on the first day, so don’t worry about that.

Reduce Pain

To manage the pain you’ll have to take the medication prescribed by the doctor. It is not recommended to drive yourself home after the treatment. As with painkillers, you might feel a bit sleepy. Make sure to have a through consultation with your dentist in Nashville, TN, about the consumption of the pain medication.

Decrease Swelling

To bring down the swelling, simply put an ice pack over the area of treatment. You can make this ice pack at home. Simply put the ice in a plastic bag, and wrap it in a thin towel. Then, apply it for ten minutes on the cheeks. Later, remove this for five minutes, then repeat. Do this as many times as needed. However, be ready to see some bruising on the face, as it is very common after ice packs.

Take Rest

It is essential to take proper rest after the oral surgery to see a quick recovery. Dental clinics like Dillard Dental Services recommend you to take proper rest for at least 24 hours before resuming your normal activities. For the first day or two, try to rest in the daytime and go to bed early. Doing this will ensure a speedy recovery.

Eating Habits

You seriously need to consider the eating habits after the surgery. Eating normal hard food will be extremely dangerous for you. Consult your orthodontist in Nashville, TN, about your dietary requirements. They usually recommend you to eat soft and healthy food. Also, to increase the water intake to stay hydrated. More so, they advise staying away from smoking, hot liquids, and solid food. Many people think it is safe to use a straw for drinking, but we recommend avoiding it after surgery. It can cause the dislodging of the blood clot.

Cleaning Habits

Dental hygiene is an essential factor to consider. You cannot ignore the hygiene just because you got the professional treatment. To retain the results, you’ll have to put effort yourself. As recommended by dentists, you can rinse your mouth after 12 hours. Do it four times a day using a mixture of water and salt.

These are some of the tips that the best dentist in Nashville recommends to patients after oral surgery. It will assist them in quick recovery and help in managing the pain after treatment.

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