May 30, 2024
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5 Supplements That Will Bear Fruit For Beginners

As a new year begins, you welcome a fresh batch of resolutions to your to-do list. If hitting the gym is one of them, well, now is the time to do it right!

Most beginners think working hard alone can help you gain those muscles or shed that extra pound quickly. Hard work surely pays off. But what you really need is a good balance of exercise and diet. 

If you are serious about your fitness goals, adding supplements like protein or creatine monohydrate can be a significant boon. 

Since Australia has a vast and booming supplement sector, you are spoilt for choices. Naturally, it can be pretty overwhelming for a beginner to choose the right supplement for your initial days. 

This guide will walk you through the top five supplements to help you train better and achieve your goals.


You have probably heard this frequently– proteins are a must-have in your diet. They help you build muscles and grow stronger. 

While you must focus on consuming protein-rich food naturally, taking protein powder supplements will quickly help you reach your target. 

Just add a spoon or two of protein powder to your skimmed milk and make a quick shake. It is an easy and quick drink for you to take on the go.


One such supplement that has been continuously doing rounds in the scientific arena is creatine. Researchers say that adding creatine monohydrate to your diet is an excellent way of increasing muscle volume.

It will improve your strength and boost your energy to keep working out intensely. Honestly, most beginners are on the lookout for this kind of energy. So, kickstart your fitness journey with this supplement. 

Fish Oil 

Fish oil is a great supplement for all beginners. You can generally find this in the form of fish oil tablets and capsules. 

These supplements are rich in omega-three fatty acids. They help you fight inflammation and are excellent antioxidants. They are known to speed up your recovery process. 

Pro tip: Look for quality fish oil supplements with EPA and DHA. These are the most beneficial elements in your supplement. 


Abbreviated as BCAA, Branched-chain amino acids will give you the extra push to keep you training. BCAA contains three amino acids, namely – leucine, isoleucine and valine. 

Your body does not naturally build these acids, so you must consume them through food. BCAA will improve your exercise performance and fuel your skeletal muscles. 

If the reason you’re working out is to gain muscles, then taking BCAA will help you in bounties. It will help preserve your hard-earned muscles from breaking down, so it’s pretty much a magic supplement for you. 

Pre/Post-Workout Supplements

Having a quality pre or post-workout supplement by your side is a significant advantage for beginners. 

Taking pre-workout supplements before your workout will help increase your energy to push harder in the gym. Most of these supplements have caffeine in them, improving your focus and decreasing your fatigue. 

As for post-workout supplements, they aid in replenishing your energy and initiating a faster recovery process. Quality products will have creatine, amino acids and carbohydrates in their supplements.

Wrapping Up

When you begin your fitness journey, you tend to train rigorously. All is good about intense workouts. But if you do not have the right supplement to keep you going, you will feel fatigued and lose interest quickly. 

So, it’s important to include supplements in your diet. However, keep in mind that supplements are simply assistants to your food. They cannot become meal replacements at any point in time. 

With an extra dosage of protein or creatine monohydrate, you will soon see the energy seeping into your daily regime.

Pooja Ranavat

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