July 14, 2024
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How to Choose a Yoga Mat?

No doubt, Yoga brings miraculous positive changes in the lives of individuals. Yoga helps to bring mental and physical discipline together to achieve the goal of a healthy body and a peaceful mind, simultaneously improving muscle flexibility, strength, and body tone. Although Yoga originated in India around 5000 years back, it is now popular all over the world.

There are multiple ways to practice Yoga as per the comfort and current requirements of the individuals; thus, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor. However, if consult with experts about the righteous way to practice Yoga, they always recommend using a Yoga mat that provides comfort, improves balance, describes space, etc. Read on to know more about Yoga mats and how to select a perfect Yoga mat before you make up your mind to buy bolster or other brands.

Why should you use a Yoga mat?

Yoga practice requires stretching the body in varied directions in ample space along with a smooth and suitable surface. Otherwise, it tends to end up with injuries. Herein the Yoga mat helps! Here are some key benefits of yoga mats.

1. Avoid Injuries

A yoga mat helps the tissues and ligaments work, improves flexibility, and improves to avoids breakdown. Moreover, a Yoga mat offers an anti-slipping surface to improve performance without worrying about slips or affiliated injuries.

2. Super Conscious and Physical Advantages (Separating Human body from grounds)

Pranayam and various other Yoga practices are performed to arouse or say awaken the super-spiral source of energy presented inside the human body. This is also referred to as the kundalini. All these practices require proper techniques of breathing and stretching the body in different postures. Subsequently, heat and energy rise in the human body, which ought not to be washed down to the earth with grounding effects. Thereby, experts advise using yoga mats that separate the human body from the grounds.

3. Helps to Correct Poses

There are various issues people have to face with the growing age and in the stressful hectic life schedule, such as loss of memory, anxiety, hyperkyphosis, neck and back pain, breathing issues, age-affiliate postures issues, and many more. Practicing yoga on Yoga mats works miraculously to improve all these issues.

4. Comforts the Yoga practice

Using proper yoga mats makes a soothing milieu for you along with providing a comfortable sitting. Moreover, it boosts physical wellness by improving your posture.

How to choose a perfect Yoga mat at reasonable prices?

Here are certain things you need to ensure while buying a Yoga mat or searching online Yoga mat manufacturers in India.

1. Thickness

Choose a 6 mm thick yoga mat if you are not sure which should you go for. Too thick as well as too thin Yoga mats problematize the practice and hinder the posture. Thus, it is crucial to choose a standard thick Yoga mat.

2. Weight

A lightweight Yoga mat is ideal for those who usually travel. Thus, take a Yoga mat that weighs around 7 pounds and has a thickness of 6 mm.

3. Texture

The Texture of a yoga mat should be coarse and immensely smooth. If the texture is not as expected and suitable, it will restrain you to hold a yoga posture for long.

4. Durability

Thick mats last longer than thin mats and provide a comfortable surface for posture and yoga practices. EVA yoga mats, made up of EVA, are light weighted and moisture resisting; which is easy to clean.

5. Material

EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl acetate) is one of the reliable materials used in yoga mats. Its synthetic property makes it lightweight, moisture resistant, and crack free. Moreover, its makes yoga mats and flooring foams pliable and soft, which is more comfortable for different postures. EVA resists moisture, making yoga mats easy to wipe clean after each session. EVA anti-slip yoga mats are best suitable for both men and women for gym workout and exercise.

6. Price

Yoga mats are available online as well as in marts and offline stores. You can check the Yoga mat manufacturers in India and up to what price yoga mats are available online. Since the price of the yoga mat various as per the type and quality of the mat, all the information can be easily extracted online.


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