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All About Pollen Count and Its Effects

Have you been suffering occasional sneezes when you go out in Los Angeles? The reason behind your relentless allergies is the inconsistent pollen count Los Angeles has. 

This state has lower pollen than Pennsylvania, but it is still hidden as an airborne evil. 

It is a fact known by various Californians that pollen affects overall health. You can expect to have a runny nose, consistent sneezing, and red eyes when the pollen is severe. 

You would probably like to know the pollen count before you step out of your Los Angeles home. For this, it would be wise to understand its meaning and the symptoms you could be having. 

The Definition of Pollen Count 

Pollen count helps you understand the extent of pollen allergies that could befall you that day. Technically, it is the amount of pollen dust flying around from trees. The phrase pollen count refers to measuring the detected pollen for that day or an estimate for the week. 

The amount is calculated in a standardized manner and on a 24-hour basis. In Los Angeles, the pollen count includes mold spores from various grass, weed, and trees. 

Mathematically, it considers the pollen grains and measures them per cubic meter of natural air. So, a high pollen count can give any Los Angeles resident enhanced allergies, whereas low pollen is manageable. 

The average pollen count Los Angeles had on 9th February 2022 was 8.5 (Medium-High). 

Low Pollen vs. High Pollen Count – Understanding Pollen Counts 

As mentioned earlier, the high and low pollen count is characterized and determined by how it affects individuals. 

It means if you have more allergies, the pollen count must be higher. Various conditions like weather and humidity affect the pollen count in the Los Angeles air or other states. Indeed, a higher pollen count generally occurs when the temperature is warmer. 

LowModerate High Very High 
Weeds 1 to 910 to 4950 to 499500 or more
Trees1 to 1415 to 8990 to 1,4991,500 or more 
Molds (Movable Spores)1 to 6,4996,500 to 12,99913,000 to 49,99950,000 or higher 
Grasses1 to 4 5 to 1920 to 199200 or higher

How Will Pollen Affect You? 

You now have a general idea about what kind of pollens fly around in the Los Angeles air. The pollen count has always been unstable, and it changes almost every day. Therefore, if you are prone to allergies, you should keep track of the pollen count in Los Angeles on any given day. 

For example, even if the pollen count is low, the average pollen might be the stuff you are allergic to. Either way, the concentration of pollen can lead to allergic symptoms, like: 

  • Mucus Production 
  • Red, watery, itchy eyes 
  • Itchy throat 
  • Coughing and sneezing 
  • Congestion 

Showering daily and limiting the exposure will help you control the allergies without visiting a medical professional in Los Angeles. 

The Bottom Line 

The pollen count in Los Angeles will change almost every day. Hence, it is your job to know the pollen count before going out in public. Otherwise, you can contract symptoms like itchy throat, mucus production, and red eyes. 

The pollen count is the amount of pollen or spores found in the natural air. It can be pollen from trees, weeds, or mold with a variable definition of the low, high, and moderate count. 

So, when you check the pollen counts, you will know which pollen you are allergic to, and it will help keep you safe.

Aditya Shahi

Aditya Shahi is a BSc Agriculture student and an avid blogger, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with his readers.