5 Impressive Benefits of Invisalign

Did you know that studies have found that around 2 in 10 people have misaligned teeth? You probably know someone with teeth troubles even if you don’t have them yourself. They’re just that common.

But it doesn’t have to be! We live in the 21st century, which means all sorts of cool dental tech to put right what nature got wrong. The coolest of these is the Invisalign treatment, which will let you get your mouth in order without fuss (or muss, whatever muss is).

Not convinced? Let us take you through our top 5 benefits of Invisalign. Let’s go!

1. Invisalign is Invisible

The clue’s in the name for this one! Lots of people are reluctant to deal with their misaligned teeth because they dread the prospect of bulky and unattractive metal braces. Invisalign, on the other hand, is made of transparent polyurethane.

That means no one’s going to see it unless they’re about an inch away from your mouth (in which case you have bigger concerns than your braces).

2. Less Maintenance

We all have lives to lead, and no one wants to have to trek down to the dentist’s office to get their braces adjusted every week. Lucky for you, with Invisalign you only have to pop in every 4-6 weeks!

3. Very Few Restrictions

Metal braces always come with a big long list of foods their wearers absolutely can’t touch. Invisalign has no such issues. With Invisalign, you can keep eating your favorite foods without worrying about jamming up a set of clunky old metal braces (possibly with actual jam).

4. Invisalign Clear Aligners Fix Multiple Issues

It doesn’t matter what kind of spacing issues you have going on with your teeth, Invisalign can likely help. Whether they’re too far apart, too close, overcrowded, or some other combination of teeth misalignment issues, you can get Invisalign and have it solved in a jiffy.

5. They’re Plain Comfy

So let’s say you’ve read these other 4 reasons to get Invisalign and decided to give it a shot. You walk down to Sierra Dental Practice and ask them to fit you with a set of Invisalign clear aligners.

Even though they’re better than metal braces, they’ll still feel weird in your mouth, right? Wrong.

Invisalign aligners are ‘barely there’ in both appearance and feel. You might even forget you have them in after a while. They’re that well-designed!

The Benefits of Invisalign are Many

So there you have it, folks, our top 5 benefits of Invisalign that should convince you to rush out and grab a pair right this second. It doesn’t matter what your teething issue is, these clear aligners can help you out.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get those teeth fixed! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

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