What Is Alcoholics Anonymous and How Does It Help?

Do you know someone who has a drinking problem? Or do you yourself have a drinking problem that you would like to address?

Either way, those who wish to deal with a drinking problem and eventually recover from alcoholism could benefit from Alcoholics Anonymous in a big way. Alcoholics Anonymous—or AA as it’s commonly called—was founded way back in 1935. And since then, it’s been credited with helping millions of people to kick their alcohol addictions to the curb.

Want to learn more about what Alcoholics Anonymous is and how it might be able to help you or a loved one? Learn all about Alcoholics Anonymous below.

What Is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that is designed to help those struggling with alcohol addiction. AA groups meet on a regular basis and strive to assist those who are having a tough time quitting alcohol.

Those who participate in Alcoholics Anonymous are encouraged to follow a 12-step program in order to achieve and then maintain sobriety. The twelve steps ask for people to do things like:

  • Admit to their alcohol addiction
  • Make a conscious decision to quit drinking
  • Make amends with those they may have harmed while drinking

There are also quite a few spiritual principles that people are asked to follow while taking part in Alcoholics Anonymous.

How Does Alcoholics Anonymous Help?

Alcoholics Anonymous can help those with a drinking problem, first and foremost, by surrounding them with other people who also have drinking problems. This can work wonders for them by giving them an opportunity to learn from those who have had struggles similar to theirs.

Alcoholics Anonymous also provides those with a drinking problem with a relatively clear path towards sobriety. It helps them to feel hopeful about the future as they set out to leave a drinking problem in the past.

What Else Can You Do to Deal With a Drinking Problem?

Attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as often as possible will help you to deal with a drinking problem more effectively than you would be able to otherwise. But you might also want to take things to the next level by spending time in a sober living house.

Removing yourself from your usual environment can really help you to get sober and stay sober for good. It can also make it easier for you to follow the 12 steps that were set up by Alcoholics Anonymous.

Attend an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Today to See How You Can Benefit From It

There are hundreds of thousands of Alcoholics Anonymous groups scattered all throughout the world. As a result, you should be able to find one in your area today.

Look for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that’s set to take place and make it a point to show up for it. It could make your drinking problem a distant memory in no time at all.

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