What Is a Fissure Sealant in Dentistry?

It’s quite amazing to think that prehistoric humans had healthier teeth than ours! Of course, they had no toothpaste thousands of years ago, nor dental floss. They put this dental fact down to the introduction of carbohydrates and sugars into our diets.

But, do we have to give up all the delicious foods we enjoy throughout our lives to have good dental hygiene? The answer is of course not! Nowadays we have plenty of ways to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Having a fissure sealant procedure is one of the ways you can promote good dental hygiene.

In this quick guide, we’ll explain what fissure sealants are all about. We’ll look at what they are and how the procedure works. So let’s get to it!

What Are Fissure Sealants?

A fissure sealant or dental sealant is a plastic coating that you can have applied to your back teeth. These sealants are specifically applied to the tooth fissure area of a tooth that you bite with, not the sides. 

The idea is that the dentist adds a layer of protection for your premolars and molars from tooth decay. This layer stops bacteria from entering your teeth in the vulnerable top areas. 

As a general rule, a dentist will tend to use tooth coatings on teeth with deeper top grooves. Dentists often do not seal teeth with more shallow top grooves, as they are seen as less vulnerable to tooth decay. 

Fissure-Sealing Dental Procedures

A fissure-sealing dental procedure is typically straightforward and quick. For one tooth it will take a matter of minutes for the dentist to seal it. Prior to applying the sealant, the dentist will clean your tooth with a solution and ensure it is dry before application.

After the dentist has applied the sealant, you must then wait for it to dry. The dentist is will use a bright light to shine onto the sealant to help it dry quicker.

Once you have your sealants, you can expect them to last for a number of years. After a few years, they will start to wear down. You then may have the option of having your sealants maintained or replaced. 

Before you have sealants, you may need a root canal or two. Check here to find out an example of a root canal cost

Fissure Sealants for Kids

People can have fissure sealants at any age in the teen and adult years. Children who have their adult teeth pushing through can also have fissure sealants.

Many dentists recommend that kids who have their new teeth just coming through have dental sealants. This way they have maximum protection for their new adult teeth.

Fissure Sealant Benefits

Having a fissure sealant procedure on your molars and premolars can help you keep your teeth safe from bacterial infections. It may cost you a few hundred dollars to get fissure sealants, but they’ll be worth it if you value your dental hygiene.

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