What Is a Chatbot and How Could Your Business Benefit From One?

Customers have questions, and you have answers. The problem is that many of these questions never have a chance to be answered in the first place.

That’s because when customers call a business, they often give up after 90 seconds of waiting on hold. And one out of three of those customers will never call back.

One solution is to use a chatbot. But what is a chatbot, and how can your business benefit from using a bot?

Read on to find out.

What Is a Chatbot?

What is a website chatbot? A chatbot is a form of AI that you can add to your website. It acts like a digital customer service agent, answering customers’ questions on its own.

For customers, it can feel like having a conversation with another human. But these bots require no human supervision.

Instead, customers type in their questions or request, and the chatbot will provide a personalized yet consistent response.

How Chatbots Benefit Businesses

Owning and operating a business means you have to make decisions with your customer in mind.

Quality customer service and marketing are important to capture a customer’s attention. And chatbots can help you do this on your website.

Here are some of the major benefits of using a chatbot.

Saves Time and Money

Using a chatbot can save you time and money involved in customer service.

Many customers have the same questions. And answering the same questions over and over on the phone can waste your staff’s time.

Not only this but having to hire more people to answer these phone calls can eat into your budget.

This is especially true if your business serves customers with different native languages. It can be costly to hire extra customer service agents that are multilingual.

Reduce the number of phone calls and customer service operators needed by installing a chatbot. A chatbot can assist customers in a variety of languages without human support.

Generates Leads

A chatbot can generate sales leads for your business.

Many bots are equipped to collect emails and phone numbers, which you can use to stay in touch with potential customers.

Then, if that potential customer hasn’t yet made a purchase, you can reach out via email or phone.

Instant Help, Any Time of Day

When people wonder, “What is a web chatbot?” this is the best example to offer.

A web chatbot offers customer service help instantaneously and at any time of day. If a customer wants to purchase at midnight, they can with the help of a 24/7 chatbot.

Streamlined Marketing

A chatbot can lead customers to new products and services through clear marketing.

A chatbot can make recommendations catered to a customer’s needs. And they can guide a customer through each step, from product awareness to finalizing their purchase.

Collects Customer Data

A chatbot securely collects customer data to help you analyze customers’ needs better.

It can be hard to understand what customers need through phone conversations or emails. But chats with bots can be easily recorded and categorized to help you research common questions and problems.

What Is a Good Chatbot?

A good chatbot for your business can be customized to fit your business and sales goals.

A chatbot should be designed with your industry in mind. For example, medical professionals can use the Aestheti chatbot, which is made for clinicians and their patients.

Connect With Customers Using a Chatbot

Quick and easy customer service is important to help you make sales.

What is a chatbot? In short, a chatbot is an essential customer service tool for both growing and established businesses.

Connect with customers while cutting costs and generating sales with a website chatbot.

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