What Are the Latest Video Marketing Trends That I Can Exploit Today?

Marketing is an ever-evolving medium. In the past, TV commercials and ads in papers and magazines were the primary mediums of marketing. In the age of social media, advertising has to adapt to accommodate social media platforms.

Videos are an innovative marketing strategy for social media. They can be longer than commercials, which gives marketers more time to advertise their products.

Like all forms of marketing, there are video marketing trends that are popular. Implementing some of these trends in your videos will help make your content more accessible to your viewers. Here are some of the hottest trends you can use in your videos.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animation has always been a marketing staple. It’s a tried and true choice to market products to children and adults.

A growing trend is the prevalence of animated explainer videos. Through animation, businesses advertise and explain their products. The use of mascots in these videos can leave a memorable and endearing impression on viewers.

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Video Marketing Trends and Live Streaming

Typical social media platforms allow individuals to read, view, and react to the words and media of the people they follow. When live streaming gained traction, it provided a new way for users to connect.

Live streaming allows users to interact with streamers in real-time. It provides a fun level to interact with influencers and celebrities. The real-time aspect allows viewers a new interactive experience.

Businesses can use this to engage with consumers and potential customers about their products. Consumers get to see the people behind the business and connect on a personal level.

Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos dominate social media. In 2020, TikTok became the most downloaded app. Its popularity continues to rise, and it is still the most downloaded app this year.

Its short-form format has also inspired Instagram Reels as competition.

The way to get ahead in video marketing right now is through short, fast-paced, and energetic videos. Users like the ability to enjoy something for short periods that entertain them. Company marketing should focus on this trend to engage with the most amount of people.

Smartphones Pave the Way

To produce the best video content possible, a smartphone may be all you need. The hi-tech cameras in smartphones give you access to a range of features to make your videos something special. More and more companies are relying on smartphones to create content that is more relatable and authentic.

With enough skill, learned smartphone users can produce video content that matches the work of professionals. Smartphones provide a way for consumers to relate to businesses that portray life on the go. Since almost everyone uses a smartphone, it adds another level of connection with the audience.

The Hub for the Latest Trends

To get your business and products the best visibility, video marketing is the way to do it. To create content that connects you to your viewers, you’ll need the help of the best video marketing trends.

Smartphones allow you to create content anywhere, and from there, it’s all a matter of preference. Live streaming, short-form videos, and animated explainer videos are some of the most popular methods for innovative marketing. Incorporating one or more of these trends will help you stay at the top of your field.

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