VPS Hosting: Is it the best hosting for WordPress blogs?

There are millions of people who trust WordPress when it comes to writing blogs, building websites or portfolios or connecting to social networks. It has emerged to be the one-stop solution for all these areas. 35.2% of all the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress either ways. It is so much more than just a blogging platform, now became a massive ecosystem of plugins and themes. It not only powers a huge number of business sites and blogs but also known for the creation of E-commerce stores.

But to handle all such wonderful and massive services on a single platform requires a solid cloud hosting service. Although WordPress self-hosting option too but operations related to websites can become uncontrollable. These are the times when it needs a dedicated hosting service. A good cloud hosting can be used by individuals, big businesses, or enterprises in between. When your WordPress website outgrows shared hosting, the best upgrade options are either VPS hosting or managed WordPress hosting.

Till now VPS hosting has recorded to be the hosting service especially for WordPress based applications. But before we get all technical about let’s get an insight of what is exactly VPS hosting-

VPS hosting – best of both the worlds

VPS the short for Virtual Private Server is a hosting technique that has made it’s base solid in a very less time span. The virtualization technology is on the rise and demand, integrated it on the hosting servers will improve the hosting efficiency to another level. VPS hosting services are said to be a compromise between shared and dedicated hosting services. It is more secured than shared hosting but cheaper than a dedicated server. Hence it can be said to be the best of both the worlds. There are so many enterprises that want to come out of the shared server domain but do not require a whole dedicated server for their site or also cannot afford one. Most of the VPS hosting plans understand different business needs and give your website the right scalability which it deserves. It is not just a hosting solution, as it redefines your business from top to bottom.

VPS WordPress hosting

So the time comes when your WordPress website will grow out of a shared hosting environment. Then is the time when the resources of shared hosting will be not enough for your website. It either needs a managed WordPress hosting or if better then VPS hosting.

Partitions are made inside a VPS hosted server by the use of virtualization technology. VPS hosting makes use of these partitions within a dedicated physical server. Installing WordPress on VPS is not at all a hectic process; in fact WordPress is very friendly with VPS services. It brings that missing level of scalability to the WordPress websites. The Migration of WordPress website to VPS hosting is also equally easy.

The reasons why VPS is considered to be the sole best option for WordPress-

  • Speed Enhancement â€“ You cannot afford to lose even a single customer in this era of competition. Hence VPS hosting will help you with it and grow your WordPress website simultaneously. With the help of dedicated resources like RAM, Virtual CPU, and bandwidth of VPS hosting the page load times have been improved. This has indirectly enhanced the speed overall.
  • Added security– WordPress based websites are secured but VPS hosting brings a whole new level of security. The times are as it is vulnerable for websites like E-commerce. The virtual partition sometimes confuses people and doubts related to over usage of resources come into the picture. But the virtual partitions make sure that there is no instance of crossing over of the resources.
  • Economical â€“ Being the best hosting option, it comes under budget which is a steal deal. But it might be costly for the websites which can only afford shared hosting services so planning the budget first is preferable.

The advantages do not end here, there are so many that are beyond mentioning. 24/7 customer support is one such that comes complementary. Once you have got VPS hosting for your WordPress website you are done and dusted. Now you can sit back and focus on a more important issue in regard to your website development. But then also you have got some questions unanswered then you can freely take help from hosting professionals who will be to help you in selecting the best hosting service for your website.