VIV: The Very Important Condo Management Vendors List

No matter what the job might be, it’s always a bit easier to go into it if you’ve got a buddy who “knows a guy” that can help you out. Just having that personal recommendation – no matter how off-the-cuff or non-committal it might be – can go a long way towards not only providing peace of mind, but ensuring the job is done to a certain standard of quality, efficiency, and economy.

The same is true when it comes to condominium property management and their preferred vendor connections. There are a number of reasons it pays to work with a preferred vendor rather than simply bringing on the first contractor that came up in a Google search – some of which can have a rather considerable impact on how your project moves forward.

Give Your Project the VIP Treatment

You want that new project to find success and go as smoothly as possible, right? Then take the time to explore your condo management company’s list of preferred vendors and make it happen. Not sure how working with a preferred vendor can have such a profound impact on things? Here are just few examples and reasons that should help to paint a picture:

  • Hey, we remember you guys. There’s no business quite like return business. When a company gets a call from a large-scale entity like a condo corporation that they’ve done business for in the past – and expect to do business with again – there’s a level of service and commitment inherent in the work that can be tough to find in a brand-new vendor or contractor.
  • We did it like this the last time. Following on this notion, working with a vendor that’s already spent time in your condo building means a quicker job backed by real, bona fide experience. A preferred vendor is familiar with any quirks or idiosyncrasies in your building’s design and can come prepared with any special tools, parts, and knowledge needed to get the job done right – and done quick.
  • Established processes and lines of communication. Working with one of your building’s preferred vendors also means that there’s already going to be established processes in place for billing, communication, and more. The vendor or contractor will know who to email for additional details, how best to get the job done, and what processes to follow for all the little steps along the way that can otherwise take email after email after email to sort out and set up.
  • Getting that VIP rate. Working with your building’s preferred vendor can also often result in lower associated costs as well, thanks to either previously-negotiated rates being in place or simply due to the higher volume of work that the condo provides for that business or service. Either way, you’re usually saving money by going with a preferred vendor or contractor.

All this being said, it’s worth pointing out that realistically, as attractive as all these reasons make going with a preferred vendor, it might not matter one hill of beans when push comes to shove. Many condo corporation bylaws stipulate that preferred vendors must be used for any number of specified jobs or tasks – making these points nice to know, if not somewhat moot at the end of the day.

Key Considerations: Critical (and Non-Critical) Vendors

When it comes to vendors and contractors, there are going to be some that are absolutely critical in terms of your condo community’s ongoing maintenance and upkeep, and there will be others who are less relevant in terms of day-to-day, ongoing support.

Likewise, vendors and contractors can be broken up into critical and non-critical groups when it comes to how important it is to maintain a preferred partner and what the return on investment is in doing so for the condo community. In our experience, these are the jobs that it are truly imperative for your condo corporation develop a preferred vendor list:

  • Grounds keeping
  • Snow removal
  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning (parkades and windows)
  • General “handyman”-style maintenance

All five of these spaces require committed, ongoing support and, therefore, are best-suited to benefit from establishing a preferred-vendor relationship with a skilled team of suppliers and contractors.

On the other hand, there are a number of jobs or roles that need fulfilling on a much more infrequent basis that your condo corporation might not have a preferred vendor list for and aren’t quite a critical when it comes to month-by-month fiscal considerations, including (but definitely not limited to):

  • Arborist
  • Concrete/asphalt professionals
  • Residential/commercial general contractors

While there may still be an opportunity to establish a much-looser sort of “preferred vendor” relationship with businesses from within these trades, chances are your condo corporation won’t need to rely on them nearly as often as those vendors from the aforementioned “critical” list, allowing for a bit more flexibility regarding who your condo hires for these sorts of jobs.

While your condo corporation might not have a preferred vendor for every job or task that needs taking care of, there’s no better way to set a project off on the right foot than by taking advantage of these established business connections when you can. If you need a hand finding the right business to start a preferred vendor relationship with, give us a call at condo management companies calgary.

We’ve got contacts for every sort of condo work there is in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer, and will be happy to help your condo corporation start building its preferred vendors list today.