Types of Leather Used in Jackets | Leather Jacket Types

When you buy leather clothing, it is very important to know what leather it is. Because the material you wear determines how you wear it. Some are designed to keep you warm, while others add a summer look.

You can also check the leather types in advance, depending on whether you need a lighter or a warmer model.

Different Types of Leather

  • Lamb leather & vegetable tanned lamb leather
  • Sheepskin
  • Goatskin
  • Vachette leather
  • Buffalo leather
  • Pigskin
  • Lambskin

Lamb leather is very supple, fine and light leather. It is known to be very soft on the skin. Lambskin is available in all price ranges, but it is rare to find a quality leather jacket at cheap prices.

That is why this leather is often found in the shape of a vest. Lambskin is produced in a wide variety of ways: It can only have been washed, tanned by means of mineral chrome tanning or the tanning was carried out with the hide turned inwards or with vegetable products (vegetable tanning). Everything depends on the desired finish of the leather.

The differences are mostly in the different manufacturing or dying process.

Care instructions: Lambskin is easy to care for. Depending on the model, you can use colored or colorless care creams. Some types of leather such as, for example, need special care such as lamb aniline leather or lambskin clothing. Beware, even if you hear in some discount stores that leather clothing should be waxed, it is not advisable! This can affect the quality of your jacket.

Vegetable-Tanned Lamb Leather

You may be wondering what the difference is as compared to simple lambskin? It’s the tanning method. During tanning, the hide is transformed into another material: the leather. While big brands sometimes prefer the faster chrome tanning; the vegetable tanning is a tanning with the help of tree bark, leaves and roots. This type of tanning takes a little longer, of course, but it is all the more ecological and sustainable!

The specialty of vegetable tanning is that it gives the leather an antique look in a natural way. And for real connoisseurs, a vegetable-tanned leather jacket is somewhat more robust and somewhat more characteristic than simply tanned leather.

Sheepskin Leather

Sheep leather is supple and light. It is also soft and comfortable to wear. There are models in different densities so that, depending on which model you choose, you can adapt it to your needs. Most of the leather jackets are currently made from sheepskin. This type of leather can be worn like a second skin thanks to this material, which is truly suitable for the transition season.

Depending on the fashion and brand, there are different sheepskins: simply tanned, with fur, etc. You will find a wide variety of models in our offers (compare, for example, Redskins and Oakwood).

The sheepskin jacket is THE winter jacket par excellence. Warm and thick, it is the ideal companion for the cold season. The fur on the inside is the sheep’s warming wool and the outside of the jacket corresponds to the thick sheep skin.

Care instructions: In general, one can say that sheep leather does not cause any problems when it comes to care. Leather cleaning milk or leather care creams are sufficient. Attention, lambskin jackets require a little more complex care. Never use care products for smooth leather!

Goatskin Leather

Goatskin is tough and soft. It is easily recognizable due to its grainy skin structure. Depending on the collection and trend, it can be a bit inflexible.

There are different looks, waxed (shiny) and slightly matt leather jackets. Often these leather jackets for men are not expensive; rather they are good value for money. These leathers are often found in winter, especially in the autumn / winter collections.

Care instructions: This type of leather is very easy to care for; you only need the classic care kit: a leather impregnation spray and leather cleaning milk should be sufficient. A soft brush can also be used to remove the smallest stains.

Vachette Leather

Vachette leather is one of the toughest hides. We find it in the most diverse forms: either coarse and heavy or fine and supple. But even under this shape, nothing takes its robustness from it. This type of leather is used and worn a lot, especially in winter, because one of its characteristics is that it keeps you warm.

Buffalo Leather

Buffalo leather is also one of the toughest materials. In addition, it is a leather skin that ages very quickly and thus underline its originality. Often used in men’s clothing; they are mainly used as men’s coats. In order to avoid this phenomenon, leather connoisseurs have found various aids.

This is why this type of leather has a shiny look or a layer of patina most of the time. This sheen is caused by a lacquer that is applied during the manufacturing process to prevent the leather from aging prematurely.

The patina on the leather corresponds to the greasing of the leather during the manufacturing process. First of all, this layer prevents the leather from aging and also extends its life. Find our selection of men’s leather jackets made of buffalo leather

Care instructions: Unfortunately, this property makes it difficult to maintain the material. To clean or renew it, we recommend this special grease, which you can find in our online shop. If your leather does get a stain, you can treat it with kaolin by leaving it on for 24 hours.

Pork / Pork Velar

This leather is very thick, robust and generally a little heavier. It can also be found as pigmented smooth leather.

We often find this material in special clothing against extreme cold, as it is very good at repelling the cold and preserving heat. Its robustness allows very thick lining to be sewn in. Another argument that cannot be dismissed is that this leather is cheap. The price-performance ratio is also very interesting.

Care instructions: We recommend a brass or suede brush for maintenance. You must always brush CAREFULLY in the SAME direction. If the stains still stick, we recommend going to a drycleaner or professional for help!

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