Top Things to Consider When Looking for an Office to Lease

Did you know where you sit in your office can impact your productivity level? If you need some help on how to find office space, we can help.

This guide will go over different factors to consider when looking for an office to lease.

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Choose a Spot Near Your Business

If you’re a business owner but need separate office space, consider finding an area near your headquarters. Your office should be close enough so team members can meet you at your office.

Is the Office Accessible?

Next, you’ll want to consider if the office is accessible. What clients will meet you at your office? Is the building easily accessed by public transit or the freeway? Is there parking near your office?

Will people quickly find the office, or is it inside a labyrinth of other spaces?

What Amenities Would You Like?

Something you should consider when renting an office space is local amenities. Your team might like to be in an office near coffee shops and restaurants.

Are there some places you will need to visit often? Make sure the office space is near the bank.

What’s Your Budget?

Cost should be another factor when you think about office rentals. Don’t pick an office that will end up costing your business too much money.

Make sure you understand what you can afford before you choose an office.

Most of the time, there will be different expenses involved with renting an office. The rent is the main cost, but you will have other fees.

Will the landlord pay the utilities or ask you to cover them? Will you need to handle ice or snow removal in the winter? Make sure you ask questions when meeting with the landlord.

Is the Lease Understandable?

You should understand what’s included in your rental. Make sure the lease is clear. You should ask lots of questions or look for another rental if the landlord doesn’t answer your questions.

Don’t take your landlord at their word. You want to make sure everything’s outlined in the contract beforehand.

Who Will Complete Repairs?

Repairs for your space will become a high cost. If your landlord needs to cover the expenses, you want to ensure they complete them right away.

If you need to cover repairs, then you need to consider your budget. Can you afford the repair projects if they are minor?

Work With an Expert

When looking for an office, find a reputable broker or commercial real estate agent. These real estate professionals tend to have experience with local properties, and the process will be a lot easier.

You could also ask someone in your network. A business colleague might know of a great spot. If you’re in Austin and need an office, click here.

Choose a Secure Place

The building you choose for your office should have different amenities.

You and your employees will need a safe and secure space to work. The building should have a security guard. Look at an office that has after-hours security, as well.

Does the Office Suit You and Your Team?

You’ll want a space that’s big enough for you and your team members. You should have space for different people to come and meet with you. It shouldn’t be too big that you pay for rooms you don’t even use.

You’ll Need Room to Grow

Extra space might be helpful. If you plan to grow during the lease, you might want to have some flexibility. There should be some additional cubby spots or rooms so you can add a few different desks.

How Do You Want to Lay Out Your Office?

Would you prefer an open concept office or a closed-off space? Different teams might have a particular preference. Think about the style that will suit your team the best. Pick an office that will suit your preferred layout.

What Condition Do You Need?

Some offices won’t always come as they get advertised. Make sure you see the space before you sign the lease. Sometimes, the office space needs some work before you even move anything into the office.

If you know what the space looks like, you should ask questions about the condition. Find out if things will get fixed beforehand.

What About Bike Storage or Parking?

Another factor to consider is if there’s parking or extra storage space.

You want to make sure there are parking spaces near, so you and your team can get to work efficiently. This way, you won’t rush around looking for a parking space.

If you work in an urban region, you might want to bike to work. Are there places you can lock your bike? You might be able to store your bike inside the building.

Is the Office Appealing?

The office you choose will say something about your business. If you pick a place that’s slowly falling apart, clients will think you’re struggling overall. Don’t overspend on a lavish office if you’re in a new office.

Start Looking for Your Office to Lease

We hope this guide on how to find an office to lease was helpful. Consider where your business is and if you’ll have a separate office. Do you need lots of room in the office to meet with different clients?

What does your lease include? Will you be responsible for the lease, or will you need to call your landlord for repairs?

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