Top Temps: 3 Benefits of Hiring Temporary Staff

When you first opened your business, you didn’t think that managing people would be like this. “Just show them how it’s done.”, they said. “Train employees well enough that you can retain them.”, they said.

But now you’re drowning in customer orders, the buying rush is about to begin, and you have no clue how you and your current staff are going to survive the onslaught. Should you slow down your marketing? Is it time to start turning away clients at the door?

If these thoughts are sounding a little too familiar, temporary staff could be exactly what the doctor ordered for your business. Read on to learn how temporary employees can give your company a much-needed capacity boost.

1. You Can Handle Short-Term Surges in Demand

In 2020, Amazon claimed that buyers spent $4.8 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday alone. And if you’re in the business of offering products, the holiday season is enough to make an employee want to go on vacation. But here’s the thing about seasonal sales:

You might be slammed in December, but the busyness probably won’t last throughout the year. As such, it can be hard to justify hiring more full-time staff for just a month or two. Hiring temps makes it possible for you to get the staffing levels you need without having to make a larger financial commitment than necessary.

2. You Can Save Money

According to Workopolis, hiring and training a new employee can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. If you’re planning to bring in someone full-time, this number might not bother you. But if you just want to have some extra bodies for a project, the onboarding expenses alone might be enough to make you say, “Now wait a minute!”.

When you’re hiring temporary staff through a temp agency, you don’t have to worry about paying for these types of costs. You can just bring them in, pay the agency, and then finish out the contract.

3. You Can Fill In Gaps

Let’s say Susan from Accounting is about to go on maternity leave. You need a chartered accountant who can step in temporarily. But the thing is, your company has a particular way of doing things. Is all hope lost?

The folks at Molly Brown Temps spend quite a bit of time talking about how important it is to hire candidates who are a perfect fit for your company. From temp staff to placements, temp agencies have the hiring expertise needed to help you work through and overcome staffing and recruiting gaps.

How Temporary Staff Can Help Your Business

Far too many business owners think they only have two choices when it comes to low staffing levels:

1. Hire more in-house staff; or

2. Grind through the shortages

Temporary staff can give companies a third option when they’re facing staffing concerns. Whether you’re looking for a cultural fit before making a full-time offer or you’re simply in need of more hands ahead of the Christmas rush, your local temp agency may be a more valuable resource than you think.

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