Top Safety Accessories for SUV Cars

Sports utility vehicle (SUV) cars are the new trend in the world. These cars are loaded with features, and many people are buying them. Car manufacturers are providing high-end features and luxury in their vehicles. They even give safety features such as ABS, airbags, powerful seat belts, etc.

One should drive carefully and obey traffic rules for a safe and sound journey. Common sense and attention are vital for safety. There is nothing such as too much safety, and one should try to be as safe as possible. Here are some modern and readily available safety accessories which will make your car more guarded than usual.

LED lamps

If you are going off-road in your SUV or you generally drive a lot at night, the LED bulbs can be very beneficial to you. When the lighting conditions are not bright enough, these lights provide maximum illumination and give a nice view to the driver. These lights come in various size and colors. You can choose the one which enhances the appearance of your SUV. They provide both safety and comfort to the driver.

Modern parking sensors 

Most high-end luxury cars already come equipped with reverse parking sensors. However, some budget cars don’t have these. It is readily available and can be installed into any vehicle. They are handy and provide safety and accuracy to your vehicle.

Parking sensors alert you if there is any animal, tree, or any other obstacle while you are reversing your car. They help you to back your accurately and prevent your car’s rear end from sustaining damage. These sensors generally start beeping if there is any obstruction behind your vehicle.  

Specially designed child seats

Almost all the available SUV’s are packed with features, but none of them have seats for little kids. The seats are not comfortable and safe for young children. It can be dangerous for the children as they can get injured.

You can remove that problem by buying child seats. They are built for small kids. Kids can easily fit into this seat and have a comfortable time. They come with a seat belt which adds to the protection level. Standard seat belts are of no use to the kids. For proper safety of your children, these specially designed child seats are the best choice.

Reverse parking camera

If you want an upgrade over your SUV’s reverse parking sensors, you should buy the parking cameras. There is a camera attached to the rear end of your car and a screen in your vehicle. When you reverse your vehicle, the display shows an image of the area behind your car.

Even though it does the same work as the parking sensors, the camera provides a clear and precise image of the rear. As a result, it is much more comfortable and safe to reverse your car using the parking camera.

Life Hammer 

It is a specially designed tool which helps you at the time of emergency. The hammer can break the windows of the car instantly if you need to. It also comes with a built-in seat belt cutter. You can cut the seat belt easily if it is not working or if there is some other situation. It is readily available in any decent automobile parts store and adds an extra safety feature to your SUV.

Car fire extinguisher 

Another handy but straightforward car accessory you can add to your SUV is a mini fire extinguisher. In case your car is catching fire, this will be the only thing which can save you. It can minimize the damage done to your vehicle. If there is no fire extinguisher, your vehicle will burn. It is essential to keep a mini size fire extinguisher in your car. Make sure that you mount it a high and easily visible place in your vehicle.

Car emergency kit 

An emergency kit is an important safety feature for your SUV. You never know when your car breaks down, or you get a flat tire or any other mishappening. You can get in a fix if such a situation occurs. It is advisable always to keep an emergency kit in your car. The kit includes accessories like a torch, air pump, digital tire pressure gauge, fuses, insulation tapes, gloves, and a rope.


Bullbars are push bumpers added to the front of the SUV’s to protect against crashes and collisions. It also protects against a collision with animals or unwanted objects. Generally, they are made of steel or aluminum and are quite durable and robust. Bullbars Toowoomba offers the best protection for any vehicle. They are the most stable and reliable among the ones available in the markets.


If you want to increase the safety of your vehicle, you should think about purchasing these safety accessories for your SUV. These are the best available accessories and will provide complete safety and protection to you and your SUV.