How to Select the Right Swimming Pool for Your Home

Having a pool in their home is great for people as pools increase the value of their property. Earlier it was possible only for rich people to build a pool in their home due to their high cost. However, now, there are plenty of low-cost options available.

A house owner needs to consider many things before choosing a type of pool for his/her property. Space, design, material, and shape are some essential factors to consider. Let us know more about the things to consider while choosing a swimming pool.

Who will use the pool?

The type and design of your pool depend on the people who are going to use the pool. If you don’t want to use it yourself, but only for your kids, portable above ground pool is sufficient. You don’t need to spend on an inground pool. Also, the maintenance of above ground pools is less than the in-ground pools. If you want to use it yourself and increase the value of your property, an inground pool is best. Moreover, if elderly people would also use it, you need to keep it shallow.


The space available is a significant factor in deciding what type of pools you can install in your house. If you have a small backyard, an inground pool will not fit in such a space. Therefore, you should consider installing an above ground pool. The above-ground pools are smaller than inground pools, and you can leave some space for a playset or longue area. 

People with sufficient space can consider installing an inground pool. Every house owners should consider leaving some space for longue area and pathways around the pool.


Your budget is another essential factor in selecting the right type of pool. The inground pools are most expensive while the above-ground and portable pools are least. For the installation of inground pools, you need to dig the ground that involves labor cost and the cost of materials like concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass. However, the above-ground pools usually come as a single unit that you need to place in the space and fill them with water using a hose. That is why the above ground pools are inexpensive than the inground pools.

Design of your home

The design of your pool should match the design of your property. For all the modern homes and properties with linear shapes, the rectangular pools are most suitable. However, custom shape pools are best suitable for older homes and rural houses.

The modern homes are not limited to rectangular pools; they have the option of eight shapes, elliptical and L shape pools. If your house is located in a hilly area or near an ocean, you can also consider installing an infinity pool.


Pools are not merely for swimming. There are also for fun and comfort. You can add as many elements to a pool if you have sufficient space. Features such as fountains, boulders, waterfalls, and grab rails can enhance the appeal of your pool. It is easy to install multiple features in an inground pool than in an above ground pool. So, if you have enough space and want more features, you should consider an inground pool.


Some people like to have garden around their pools. You can have landscaping around any pool provided that you have enough space around the same. So the size of your pool will depend on the amount of landscaping you want around the same. If you are going to make a new front-yard, you have the flexibility to create it after installing your pool.

Shade or Sun

If you want to get some tan while swimming, make sure your swimming pool is in a sunny place. Trees are suitable for their shade, but they shed their leaves, which increase your cost of pool maintenance. It is usually best to place your pool in an open region, but it is essential to consider when and where it will be hit by the sun. If it receives enough midday sun, it’s going to be hot.

You can also build a shed on your pool if you don’t want to receive direct sunlight. A shed without walls can provide you enough light but not the direct sun. You can install a shed on any type of inground or above ground pool. Many pools Perth have a shed installed for protection from sun and bird drippings.

Final Words

These are some tips to select the right pool for your home. Also, it is best to contact a professional pool builder to visit and analyze space and offer you the best advice. Following the above tips can help any homeowner to choose the right pool for them. The key to choosing the right pool is to consider your requirements, space, and budget before making a final selection for your home.

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