Top 6 Advantages of Video Security Surveillance

Does it shock you to learn that 95% of businesses experience theft in the workplace? And that 18% of those occurred in the financial industry? They suffer the highest number of cases and dollars loss to employee theft.

There may be no full-proof remedy to end theft altogether. But it’s possible to catch criminals in the act of stealing using a video security system.

Matter of fact, here are the top 6 advantages of having video security surveillance.

1. Deter Break-Ins

According to an FBI report, forced entry accounts for 56.7% of U.S. burglaries. A visible video security camera can reduce instances of breaking and entering. They’re useful at private residences, retail stores, and commercial businesses.

Residential break-ins make up 65.5% of reported burglaries. To keep your family safe, install video home security for 24-hour surveillance. 

2. Protect Employees & Business Owners there are reports of harassment or other inappropriate behavior at work. Or someone has an accident, slips, or falls. Having video surveillance makes it possible to investigate the situation. 

Reports of theft in the workplace reveal millions a year in losses to employee theft. So security video footage helps to protect business owners too.

3. Increase Public Safety

Security videos of attempted or successful crimes help officials apprehend criminals. Cameras outside retail and commercial businesses may record a burglary, murder, or kidnapping. When law enforcement collects footage they’re more likely to identify a suspect.

Economic conditions affect crime rates. Businesses and residences with video surveillance improve public safety. And video can work to prove someone’s guilt or innocence. 

4. Reduce Insurance Premiums

Security video systems could qualify you for a 20% discount on insurance rates. The FBI reports an estimated $3.0 billion in property loss a year due to burglaries. Insurance companies reward you for theft-deterrent devices in your home or business.

5. Alarm Monitoring & Instant Alerts

Video surveillance provides around-the-clock security. But it serves a greater purpose when it alerts you to activity. Even better is a monitored security system that alerts law enforcement. 

You can program hi-tech security to trigger an alert when it detects a disturbance. This way you can view a live feed of your video stream on your phone. At the same time, your alarm company notifies police to dispatch a vehicle to your home. 

6. Reduce Live Security

When you have video surveillance you can trust, you can reduce your use of security guards. Your cameras become your eyes and ears into what’s happening at your place of business. They often record incidents security personnel don’t notice.

Protect your business with video security from

Protect Yourself With Video Security

Don’t let yourself become a victim of crime. Work, play and rest with video security you can depend on. It’ll lower your cost of insurance and live security personnel. 

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