Top 5 SEO Trends in 2022 Expert Opinions

This article is based on data from Search Engine Journal, a popular resource for internet marketers. It describes working strategies and proven SEO tactics that will help you get to the top of search results in order to get quality traffic in 2022.

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1. Creation of High Quality Optimized Content

To be successful in your industry in 2022, you need to create extremely valuable content and write interesting and relevant copy. Since content and its quality today affects absolutely all areas of SEO optimization. Everything matters, it is:

  • Meta tags (Title, H1, Description)
  • Site structure and navigation
  • Competent internal linking
  • Quality of external links
  • Optimization of photo and video content titles
  • Types of web links that you post on third party sites.

Make it your goal to create the highest quality, most relevant content in your niche. Thus, you will provide leadership to your business in the future, be able to reach the TOP of search results, effectively compete and increase the authority of your website . It’s time to stop focusing on a list of key phrases, it is better to focus on topics that affect your users.

To stay ahead of the competition and come out on top in your niche in 2022, you will need to not only write articles, but prepare expert content and create valuable, relevant and useful copy, or hire copywriters who can do it well. If you need help in preparing content, please contact the web studio AVANZET are always happy to help you!

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Here are some guidelines for creating quality content

  • Find out what questions they are interested in and try to give the answers they need
  • Study target audience problems and strive to help solve them
  • Find out how your target audience is using search engines
  • Tell us how to solve problems or show on video
  • Give intelligible answers using formats familiar to your users
  • Create only quality content to gain consumer trust
  • Continuously improve your content strategy and don’t get stuck. If you did it well one time, then it is not a fact that it will Work the next, because the intentions of users can change.

IMPORTANT! Periodically audit the published content, identify weaknesses and improve them. Make sure each page on your website has a unique keyword list. Because if your resource covers the same subject area over and over again, even if you describe it from different angles, then with a high probability the pages will “throw” each other out of the search results.

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BERT is a new Google Algorithm that is “Sharpened” for User Requests

The recently launched Google BERT ranking algorithm is tailored to user requests, it is based on “technical” SEO company optimize when submitting content. By using BERT technology in its ranking algorithms, Google has taken another step to improve search for the most relevant content, instead of showing pages that casually touch user queries.

That is why, if you want to bring your content to the TOP, it should be prepared with appropriate attention to the requests and intentions of the target audience. Therefore, in 2020, you will have to abandon the usual practice of fanatical analysis of keywords and try to understand what users really want.

It is quite certain that search engines have already learned to focus on user intent when searching for information, rather than on key phrases. Get ready to reorient yourself to research that answers the questions: how to meet user needs.

Updating Algorithms

Google is constantly updating algorithms to optimize search results for real people, and is moving away from methods of matching web page content and key phrases.

If you focus on frequently asked questions from users and their intentions when writing texts, you will be able to understand where your brand is on the path of a potential customer to purchase, and then you will be able to give more accurate answers.

Moreover, soon it will be necessary to spread marketing actions beyond the 1st sale, and create promising content, which will be aimed more at support, service, and protection of interests after the purchase.

Many companies forget that they need to satisfy the needs of the target audience after the purchase. Today it is important not only to attract, but also to keep customers interested in a product or service. Most people want instant results – to make large and fast sales. However, today, customers of online stores increasingly want confidence that you can be trusted as a reliable stable partner so that it will be beneficial to build relationships for a long time.

In 2020, marketers will need to constantly be interested in:

  • Shopping experience, 
  • Ask customers how they use search engines,
  • What do they think of your website

Analyze this information in order to make informed decisions about website development and SEO promotion based on statistical data.

Technical optimization, which is focused on the needs of the user, is only done through the integration of SEO with a comprehensive marketing strategy. Search engine optimization becomes a major component in a business plan. SEOs will have to master all areas of digital marketing and apply new tools to be able to solve the problems of customers’ businesses in the digital environment.

2. Positive User Experience and Technical SEO

In 2020, it has become simply necessary to focus all your attention on the positive user experience that technical optimization provides:

  • You need to start with snippets that form the first impression of a business in search results.
  • Then, organize a pleasant surfing experience on landing pages.
  • Further positive experience after the first interaction.
  • And at the finish line, a loyal attitude, after people leave the resource (personalization, welcome messages, thank you letters, remarketing).

Applying technical SEO is key to creating a positive user experience in 2022. It is no coincidence that Google developers spend resources and time to promote their best technical solutions. This is a signal as such.

Use technical SEO to improve user experience, optimize your website loading speed first. If you see a warning about slow download speeds in Chrome, then Google recommends contacting the developers to fix the problem first.

For many companies, this should be a signal that a complete redesign of the website may be required to speed it up. And you will need to move to a more technical SEO system, as this is facilitated by the use of more JavaScript frameworks, Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and the need to automate SEO for large sites.

3. Assessment of the Reputation of Companies

A positive business reputation comes to the fore in 2020. More and more, Google monitors the reputation of enterprises, evaluating their credibility. Expertise and reliability, not only of organizations, but of individuals and newsmakers who post content on behalf of companies.

Organizations that have a bad reputation, a low level of trust, or a problem with the quality of customer service will struggle. But search engine trust issues come not only from negative reviews or reviews of your product or service. But also from technical problems related to the security of your site.

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WEB RESOURCE RELIABILITY becomes extremely important in 2022. Increasingly, Google is paying close attention to low-quality content and fake news. The most important thing is to focus on building a positive business reputation for your company, reliable website performance and the expertise of authors in your niche.

DETACHING FROM COMPETITORS  Offline business is increasingly entering the online environment. And strives to show its customers the company’s competitive advantages. Therefore, develop your skills to create vibrant, accurate and convincing online images. This will help you stand out in a competitive environment. For take services of SEO please Click Here

  • Publish on the site information about all significant offline events, your participation in conferences, received awards.
  • Showcase proven partnerships with established brands that are gaining in importance to Google.

Confirm your reputation, expertise and reliability by all means.

Boldly declare your competitive advantages:

  • Well-established process of deliveries of goods (for example, delivery in 2-3 days with prompt update of the delivery status)
  • Confirm the quality of online service. (for example, the ability to quickly respond to a request or provide accessible answers to consumer questions)
  • Attractive prices for a product or service compared to competitors
  • Flawless user experience (make your resource more convenient, simple, understandable, useful than your competitors’ sites)
  • Personal branding is your internet charisma (show that people want to use your services)
  • Show rare products in your niche first

4. SEO for Mobile Devices

In the past, web developers made sites for desktops and then adapted them to mobile devices. Now we should take into account the rapid increase in the number of mobile users, the poem is already in 2020, with a high probability. The developers will first make mobile versions, and then they will adapt them for display on large screens.

When introducing your average user, you should not see the person behind a laptop or desktop monitor. Most likely, people will visit the website from a smartphone or tablet.

Constantly analyze your mobile search data statistics to understand what traffic your site is driving. Based on this data, you will understand what kind of optimization it needs to become as successful as possible for your resource.

5. Application of Structured Data

Structured data helps search algorithms better understand your content and show more relevant results to different categories of users. Since search robots are not perfect, and they do not always understand the context, you should make “hints” and help search engines.

The use of data structuring helps robots not only have a good understanding of the content of the text published on a web page, but also logical connections. For example, how elements on a page relate to each other or how all pages relate to each other.

Structured data benefits not only from making navigation more intuitive and easy for users to find information. But also you can successfully use any feed and easily adapt your content to future updates of any platform: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and AI chat robots.

Structured Data is Replacing Marketing Data

SEO specialists in 2020 will actively use structured data in order to improve analytics. Make an assessment of what content most affects impressions in the first places in search results and use this statistics for the following purposes:

  • Adjust content strategy
  • Strengthen the marketing direction
  • Improve the characteristics of products / services
  • Change other important indicators of your online presence

This substitution allows the content of your content to be made more understandable and applicable to any technology platform. Software/search engine/voice assistant/chatbot and provide your services or sell products on any platform.

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