Best AI Chatbots You Must Invest In 2022

The image of your business depends on the customer service you provide. One unsatisfied customer can create a negative image of your company and turn to your competitors. This is why you should make all possible efforts to deliver high-quality service to your customers. When you preoccupied, it becomes difficult to respond to each query popping up every other second.

As an entrepreneur, you will focus on the core activities of your business automating most of the tasks. Many companies have automated customer service with AI chatbots. Chatbots can answer the queries of customers quickly and in real-time. It means it takes the burden of queries off your shoulders. However, another reason for looking forward to AI chatbots is an easy installation. If you have a live chat app, you can easily integrate a chatbot with it.

Chatbots help you to provide round the clock service. They can tackle issues and solve complaints during off-hours. They can handle a high volume of queries without struggling to frame the answer. Further, there are fewer chances of errors, and they increase customer engagement. Here are the best AI chatbots.


You will create a bot and integrate it with apps. You will need to customise responses and actions to decide bot’s answers and behaviour. Once you have done it, you will use the chat widget to integrate the bot with your website. You can also use third-party platforms such as Facebook to use ChatBot.

Use training tools powered by artificial intelligence to improve the bot’s ability to answer. You can send the collected data directly to your CRM and database because the bot can communicate with external services. You can also create bot stories. You can create stories for frequent questions to save time. You can also decide a range of actions that the bot will use while dealing with a customer.


Clare.AI is more than a ChatBot. You can engage your customers with AI digital assistants. In addition to solving queries, it also provides modern online banking service. The best quality of this chatbot is it uses natural language processing with artificial intelligence. You can help your customers instantly because of its integration with existing messaging channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and SMS. It means clients do not need to wait on the phone in peak hours. The Clare.AI not only responds to customer queries but also helps them with their finances. It can even show how they have spent money through a chart.


This customer service bot aims at guiding to clients throughout their journey. This charbot software is equipped with advanced features. Unlike other customer service chatbots, NanoRep is not limited to a script. It prepares answers on the spot to real-time queries. NanoRep provides real-time answers based on the category and the location of the customer, the type of the device the customer is using while chatting and the type of product that the customer wants to inquire about.


It is the first chatbot designed as professional conversation design software. This is a revolutionised artificial intelligence system that allows you to design conversational patterns, dialogues flows, and the like. Twyla is compatible with ERPs and CRMs. It can help you save up on phone calls. It can allow you to track returns on investment of the service bot you are using.


It is simple artificial intelligence chatbot. It is easy to design customised templates by using the drag and drop interface. It will solve queries based on the knowledge feed in it. You can track how the chatbot responds to the queries made by customers and take note of those that the software fails to respond correctly. Botsify chatbot allows you to take over the chat anytime when you think it is not providing accurate responses.

It can automate your customer support up to 70%. You can prepare it for responding to new queries.. Along with text, you can add card and carousels to enrich your conversation.

The bottom line

AI chatbots can help you improve your customer service. It is vital to keep your customers satisfied if you want to grow. Invest in AI chatbot software today.

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