Tips for Proper Running Form

Running is beneficial exercise for many things. It keeps your mind fresh and healthy. Also it helps you to keep yourself fit. If you want to lose your weight so running is one of the best exercises for you. If you follow proper method for running so it will be beneficial for you. If you improve your running form so it will help you run fast, efficiently and more comfortably. Also it reduces stress on your body and also reduces injury risks. If your follow proper tips for running so it reduces risk of fatigue and it ensures you are getting the most out of your run.

Here we have mentioned some tips for proper running form.

Relax your hands

This is one of the most important and beneficial tip for running. During the running keep your arms and hands as relax as possible. This will keep your mind relax and releases tension from your mind. Avoid tightening your hands into fists because it will be harmful for you. If you are clenching your hands so then the tension will move from there up your arms to your shoulders and neck. So the running which is a good exercise can be turned into harmful process for you if you are clenching your hands. If you want to take the benefits of running so keep yourself relax, listen soft music it will keep you relax use wireless headphones because wired headphones will disturb you.

Don’t Bounce

During the running if you bounce so your head and body will be moving up and down too many which results in a lot waste of energy. As much higher you lift yourself off the ground, the greater shock you have to absorb when landing and also your legs will fatigue faster. 

Rotate the arms from the shoulder

This also an important tip for running, by following this tip you can take more advantage from running. Your arms must swing back from your shoulder but not elbow joint. Moreover you have to think your arm as a pendulum which is swinging back and forth at your shoulder. There is one more trick drive your elbow backward and then let it swing back toward you. Keep this thing in mind that your hand should must be almost grazing your hip as your arm comes back in front of you. Your arms should swing by your sides. 

Check your posture

If you want to take more benefits from the process of running so then you must have to keep your posture straight and erect. Keep your head up and your back straight while shoulders at level. Moreover keep your shoulders under your ears and maintain a neutral pelvis. Also make sure that you are not leaning forward back at your waist, most of the runners do this trick when they get fatigued. 

You must have to check your posture once in a while that whether it’s correct or not, because it has great impact on your running process. At the end of running most of the times it happens that you get tired, it’s a common to slump over little, which can lead to neck, shoulder and lower back pain also. When it happens that you feel yourself slouching so then poke your chest out. 

Relax Your Shoulders

During the running you also must have to be careful about position of your shoulders. You must have to keep your shoulders relax and keep them in position of forward facing, but be careful that they would not be hunched over. Rounding the shoulders too far forward tends to tighten the chest and also restrict the breathing.

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