Things You Must Know About Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops have become very popular in kitchen design over the last few years because of their variety of benefits. Quartz is a semi-precious mineral that has been found in nature embedded in a variety of rocks, giving them unique properties. 

The popularity of Quartz countertops has soared in recent years because they offer several advantages over traditional materials such as granite.

Read on to learn more about these benefits and quartz countertop choices for your kitchen.

It is a mixture of resins and diamond-tipped:

Quartz countertops are a mixture of synthetic resins and diamond-tipped quartz that have been cut into thin sheets. They’re much more prone to scratching than granite but less prone to damage from high heat. 

Granite is an all-natural stone that usually needs a sealant applied yearly to maintain its shine, but it costs much less than quartz countertops.

Easy to maintain:

One of the biggest benefits of Quartz countertops is that they’re relatively maintenance-free. Unlike granite or marble, quartz doesn’t need any sealing, cleaning, polishing, or sealing. These materials are highly porous and can stain easily. 

In addition, quartz is also affected by certain acidic foods and liquids such as sauces and fruit juices. This is because some of the substances used to create the countertop surface have a negative effect on the strength of the quartz crystals. This makes granite and marble countertop far more expensive to maintain over time.

Another advantage of a quartz countertop is that they’re easy to clean. Marble and granite are notoriously difficult to clean, but the porous nature of quartz makes it easier to clean and keep looking good. 

Because it is so easy to clean, granite countertops may even be left outdoors without any protection during the summer. However, they should be avoided in areas with high levels of acidity or in the bathroom or kitchen where they could become damaged.

It is lightweight:

Quartz is also lighter in weight than granite or marble, which makes it easier to install. When compared to other natural stone countertops, this is particularly advantageous when counter space is limited. 

It’s far easier to install quartz countertops than engineered stone countertops because they don’t need to be absolutely perfect. As long as they’re flat and smooth, they’ll do just fine. 

Installation of quartz countertop:

The installation process for a quartz countertop is quite easy. You can install it using screws, nails, clips, or special tile-nibbed glue. If you prefer to do it yourself, you can install a countertop over an existing counter. Or, if you’d rather have the countertop custom built to precisely fit your space, many companies will be able to cut and shape a countertop to exact specifications. 

They’ll be able to provide you with a countertop that’s identical in appearance to natural stone or granite but one which is more robust and more durable.

The difference between quartz countertops and granite countertops

When comparing quartz to granite countertops, the biggest differences come in the installation process and durability. Installing a granite countertop is an incredibly involved process and involves several different tiles and tools. 

Quartz counters require minimal installation because the material itself comes pre-drilled for drainage and is flat and smooth. This allows your installer to slide the countertop into place simply.

Quartz countertops suppliers always mention one thing to keep in mind is that these countertops can be stained just like granite countertops, but they’re not as durable. If you want a more stain-resistant surface, consider adding teak oil to your new countertop. 

Another option is to use ceramic tiles over your quartz counters. These are cheaper materials and look similar to granite. However, ceramic tiles are much less stain-resistant than quartz and do require extra care.

Why do homeowners use granite kitchen countertops?

Some of the most common things that will scratch quartz kitchen countertops are hot pots, pans, scoops, knives, spoons, cooking ranges, heavy pots, and appliances such as washing machines and dryers. Even a drop or two of water on the top of a hot pan can leave scratch marks. 

For these reasons, many choose to use quartz countertops in their kitchen. While they’re extremely durable, they do scratch easily and that can take away from their appeal. While there are counter tops out there that are very hard and durable, quartz countertops still don’t compare.

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