5 Simple Steps to Get Your New Credit Card

There were times in the past when we used to carry most of our money either in our wallets or in our bank accounts. But as time passed by, and as technology evolved, new systems were introduced like internet banking, online transfer, UPI, credit/debit card, etc. These payment mechanisms have made our lives easier. The best among all of them is the advent of the credit card. Features like post-payment, easy EMIs, cashback, loyalty points, and more have made credit cards extremely alluring to Indian consumers. If you are thinking about applying for a new credit card, we highlight five simple steps to get your instant credit card online.

  1. Check Your Daily Requirements and Needs

Before planning to get your new credit card, know your style of living. Ask yourself: do you need a credit card for shopping? Do you love traveling or dining at luxury hotels and restaurants? First, know how you will use your credit card. That means you should know how you will spend your credits. Your spending will give you cash back and other benefits. In addition to your spendings, also check your earnings.

  1. It’s Time for In-Depth Analysis

Now that you know your requirements, it’s time to learn the basics of credit cards before applying for one. Credit cards are offered by banks, and each bank has different terms and conditions. What you should check with the bank before getting a credit card? Refer to the below points.

  • Always check how much is the bank charging as a joining fee and the annual fee for the card. Sometimes, the fee is levied when certain amounts of transactions are being done. Check this point on priority.
  • With a good credit card comes good rewards. Always check freebies, cash backs, etc. associated with your credit card.
  • You also get extra benefits and complimentary services like premium lounge access while traveling, free stay at hotels, etc. These offers vary from bank to bank.
  • Also, check the type of credit card. For example, MasterCard & Visa are accepted by almost every seller on the street. Furthermore, MasterCard has better reward points.
  1. Know Your Card Statements & Score

When you have a mini borrowing machine in your pocket, you’ll have to track your spendings. These spendings are to be replenished again to the bank. A credit card also comes with a credit score system. You have to maintain this score to get loans in the future. The score ranges from 300 to 900. The higher the score, the higher your chance to get more cards or loans in the future. Money management is the key. You’ll have to take full charge of your earnings and spendings.

  1.  Gather Your Documents and Finalize The Application Process

Now that you know all your needs, rewards, and eligibility score, you’re now ready to get your own credit card.

  1. You can get an instant credit card online. With an online ecosystem, you’ve greater chances of getting most of the benefits and offers. With the online application, you don’t have to submit any physical documents.
  2. When you’re applying for the card offline, make sure you’re ready with all your valid documents. Reach out to banks and fill up their offline application form and wait for their follow-up.
  1. Know the User Card Agreement After Completing Verification

The verification process is a lengthy process, and it will take days for the process to finish. But if you match the bank’s requirement, your card will be dispatched right away. Now that you have your card after the complete verification process, it’s time to read the User Card Agreement. A User Card Agreement will come with your card to your address. Read each and every line carefully before using your card.

You can apply for one of the best credit cards in the country, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard. If you have any questions while applying for the card, you can reach out to the RBL credit card customer care, and get your queries answered.

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