The Different Types of Eyelash Extensions That Are Worn Today

With masks covering most faces over the last few years, it’s no wonder that focusing on the eyes remains a top beauty trend. One way to enhance your eye look is through eyelash extensions. 

When you get eyelash extensions, you’re adding length to your lashes. This treatment can make your eyes look bigger and more defined for weeks at a time before you’ll need to fill them. 

There are many options to choose from when it comes time to pick your eyelash extensions. If you aren’t sure what to decide on for your first eyelash extensions, you’ve come to the right place! 

This guide goes over all the styles you can choose from to get the eyelash transformation of your dreams. 

Types of Eyelash Extensions 

Before booking your appointment, you’ll need to know about the different eyelashes you can choose from. They come in a variety of materials, lengths, and thicknesses. 

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance your natural lashes. These eyelashes are made from pure mink fur, and they look very realistic. They’re also long-lasting, so you can wear them for up to three weeks before you need to get them filled. 

There are a few considerations you need to take before choosing these lashes. Mink eyelash extensions are the most expensive and need daily curling. They are also made of real animal fur, which you could be allergic to.

Because these lashes come from animals, you need to make sure they are cruelty-free.

Sable Eyelash Extensions 

If you choose sable eyelash extensions, you’ll be wearing lashes made from the hair of a silver fox. You can find these animals in Russia and other parts of Europe. They have fine silky fur, perfect for making beautiful eyelashes. 

These types of eyelashes are wispy and thinner than other choices. You will need to curl them at home to keep them looking their best. Sable eyelash extensions are not the most popular, so you may need to look around to find them. 

Faux Animal Fur Eyelash Extensions 

If you don’t want to use real animal fur, faux fur eyelash extensions are made from 100% synthetic fibers. People choose faux fur animal eyelashes because of how natural they look. These are also the best eyelash extensions for people with allergies. 

If you go the faux animal eyelash route, you can choose the style of lash you want without harming animals. This type of eyelash extension is also glossier than other types, making it a win. 

Silk Eyelash Extensions 

Despite the name, silk eyelash extensions aren’t really made with silk. They come from a synthetic silk fiber and are thicker than other lash extension types. This type of lash looks bolder because of the added thickness. 

They are a more affordable type of lash with a dramatic result. Silk eyelash extensions also hold a curl better than other types. 

Eyelash Serums 

You don’t have to settle for thin lashes if you can’t get to the salon for an eyelash fill. Eyelash serum is a product you can use in your own home. 

Eyelash serum is a cosmetic product designed to nourish and strengthen your eyelashes. They contain ingredients that work together to stimulate growth for new, longer lashes. These ingredients include vitamins, minerals, peptides, proteins, and amino acids. 

The best eyelash serums will also have oils like argan oil or vitamin E in the ingredient list. These serums work by stimulating the dormant hair follicle in your eye area to make new hair on your lashes. 

You can shop online to find an eyelash serum that will make your lashes nice and full. You’ll have to use your eyelash serum daily for the best results. 

Choosing an Eyelash Length 

Eyelash extension length is the distance between the root and tip of your eyelashes. The longer the eyelash is, the more dramatic it will be. For a natural look, choose a shorter eyelash length. 

Choosing an Eyelash Thickness 

The width of eyelash extensions is a personal choice. The thicker they are, the more pronounced they will look. 

Although you may want to commit to thick lashes, remember you will have them on in both the day and night. Very thick lashes could feel too bold when you’re running out to the grocery store. 

Thick lashes can also weigh your natural lashes down. This weight can cause damage to your natural lashes if they are thin. 

Picking an Eyelash Extension That Is Right for You 

There are several factors you’ll want to consider before you make your final lash choice. The shape of your eyes will help determine the thickness and length of the lashes that will look best. 

You’ll also have to decide how dramatic you want your new eyelashes to be. The thicker and longer the lashes, the bolder they will turn out. Your lash stylist will be a great resource in helping you find a set of lashes perfect for you. 

Caring for Your New Lashes 

Like the hair on your head, your lashes shed too. You’ll need to get your new lashes filled every month to keep them looking their best. 

It takes a full two days for the lash glue to cure. Avoid getting any water onto your face, or the glue won’t set the right way during this time. Eye makeup is also a no-no during the first 48 hours. 

After your lashes have cured, use an eyelash cleanser each night to keep oil and makeup off of your lashes. This will keep your eyelash extensions looking beautiful longer. 

Make Your Eyes Pop With Eyelash Extensions 

Each type of eyelash extensions has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s best to discuss your options with a professional before making any decisions.

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