The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing the Best Radiology Clinic Simple

Boom, boom, boom. That’s the sound of your head pounding, despite how many times you take over-the-counter pain medication to make it stop.

You go to the doctor feeling sick, but your healthcare provider can’t find anything physically wrong with you, so they suggest X-rays and an MRI. Medical imaging can be scary, but necessary to diagnose certain injuries and diseases.

To ease your stress, you’ll want to find a radiologist that makes you comfortable and can provide you with fast results. How do you find the best radiology clinic?

Keep reading to find out.

Check for Certification and Training

The best radiology clinic will staff radiologists who have undergone extensive training to achieve certification. Typically, radiologists will go to medical school and train under a four-year residency.

Going to school and receiving an American Board of Radiology Certification are minimum requirements for radiologists. If you are looking for someone with more accreditation in a specialized area, research that as well.

For example, someone who specializes in neuroradiology might be the best option if you need a brain scan.

Ask About Turnaround Times

In the healthcare industry, turnaround times are how long it takes to order tests and diagnose a health concern. If you need testing, you’ll want your results to arrive as quickly as possible.

The best radiologist should be able to communicate results to your primary care doctor within hours. However, the turnaround time will depend on location and the type of test you took.

Once you receive a report about your visit, you’ll want to be able to understand it with ease. Ask a radiologist how clear and concise their reports are so that you can ensure a definitive diagnosis.

Check for Flexible Scheduling

The medical industry is busy, but so are you. If you have a busy everyday schedule, you’ll want to choose a medical practitioner that has flexible schedule options.

A radiology team that can accommodate your needs and daily commitments is the best option, especially if you have to come back for multiple scans.

Visit the Office

If it makes you more comfortable, you can visit a radiology office before making an appointment. This allows you to meet the staff and become familiar with the environment. You’ll likely want an atmosphere that fosters relaxation.

You can also check what equipment the office has and ask questions about the latest technology. Some facilities cut corners by failing to replace old technology or not investing in the most current technology.

Take note of how clean and comfortable the radiology office is as well. During your visit, ask the staff any questions you might have. The way they respond to your concerns will tell you a lot about their helpfulness.

Finding the Best Radiology Clinic for Your Needs

Finding the best radiology clinic will come down to your needs, budget, and other factors. However, when you are completing research, you’ll want to make the above considerations before scheduling an appointment.

A great radiologist will have the proper training and certification, quick turnaround times, flexible scheduling, and a comfortable office with up-to-date technology. Start looking for a local radiologist with this guide in mind.

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