The Brief and Only Funeral Planning Checklist You’ll Ever Need

There are approximately 2.8 million deaths in the United States each year. Whether you are making end-of-life plans or a loved one has recently passed away, organizing a funeral can be a complicated and emotional process. Making a funeral planning checklist can help to make the process easier and ensure that the funeral is a special farewell.

In this blog post, we will highlight everything you need to prepare for a funeral. This includes making a decision on the disposition and memorialization, notifying friends and family members of the death, and organizing a wake and reception.

Decide on Type of Disposition

Traditionally, the most common means of disposition has been funeral burial. The deceased is placed into a casket and placed into the ground, often in a local cemetery.

There are a number of other options available, including cremation, burial at sea, and immurement. Your decision on the type of disposition may be based on religious preference or budget.

Decide on the Type of Memorial Service

There are several types of memorial services that can be held before or after disposition. These can be religious or non-religious and may take place at the site of burial, in a place of worship, or any place special to the deceased.

For those organizing a burial, it can help to partner with a funeral planner. Steps include purchasing a burial plot, a headstone, flowers and wreaths, organizing transportation, creating an order of service, setting a date, and making arrangements with a local priest.

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Notify Friends and Family of the Death

Making a formal announcement of an individual’s death is another important step. This can be done through dedicated websites, newspaper reports, or through phone calls, text messages, social media, and/or word of mouth. It is helpful to have a list of people to contact and their details.

Important information to share is the time, date, and location of the service, details about any pre- or post-service events, details on donations to a charity, and where flowers can be sent (if accepting flowers).

Organize a Wake and Reception

A wake, held before a funeral, is an opportunity for people to pay their respects to the deceased and their family. It may take place in a funeral home, a religious setting, or in a private home.

A funeral reception, held after a funeral service, allows for friends and family members to gather and further reflect on the deceased person’s life. It is also an opportunity to provide refreshments to guests.

Your Funeral Planning Checklist

The death of a loved one can be a very emotional and difficult time. Making advance plans for the funeral can make the process easier for everyone. The above information covers the basic steps for planning a funeral.

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