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Styling Tips to Flaunt your Banarasi Saree

A saree is an evergreen piece of clothing that can be worn on any occasion. Moreover, a banarasi saree should be your pick because it can never go out of style. Banarasi sarees are so fashionable that almost every woman shares a traditional attachment with them, which is also why this saree should be a must-buy for you. 

If you have a traditional event coming up, grace the occasion by draping a banarasi saree. Available in amazing colours and prints, we bet your mind will be boggled, and you won’t stop with a single purchase. 

Now that you’ve decided to buy a classic banarasi saree don’t just stick to the regular draping style. There are so many different ways to style a saree. So if you want to turn heads at any event, you go, dressed in your exclusive buy, try out these unique draping styles.

  1. Wear it in a traditional style: If you’re going to attend a family wedding, be a class apart by draping your saree in a traditional way. Deck up with traditional jewellery and floral accessories in your hair to make your look extravagant. 
  1. Style with an open pallu: There’s something beautiful about summer weddings. If you agree, grace a summer wedding in a saree, which you can drape in an open pallu style. Go for deep necklines and accessorise with minimal statement jewellery if you want to be bold.
  1. Opt for a neck drape style: Bring out your inner Bohemian chic by opting for a neck drape style for a social outing. Instead of a regular drape, twist your pallu and wear it like a scarf. Accessorise it with oxidised jewellery and opt for a braided hairdo to complement the look.
  1. Cinch your waist with a belt: If you’re attending a cocktail party, make it an extravagant affair by pairing your banarasi saree with a statement belt. Since you’re sticking to an Indo-western look, ditch your regular blouse and opt for an off-shoulder blouse or a shirt instead. Replace your ordinary jewellery with a choker necklace and keep the look minimal.
  1. Wear the saree in a dhoti style: A tissue linen banarasi saree is a classic choice for a cocktail party or an art exhibition. Spruce up your look to Bohemian style by draping the nine yards of elegance in a dhoti style. Statement earrings and a chic updo is the right way to complement this look.
  1. Wear it in a lehenga style: If you’re fond of wearing a lehenga, drape your saree in a lehenga style and get the best of both worlds. Amp up your look with a brocade blouse and accessorise with a heavy statement choker. You can either wear your hair down in a straight look or opt for a classier option, such as styling them in a low bun, which can be accessorised with floral arrangements.

With these amazing styling tips to wear your saree, you can grace any formal or traditional event with grace. Be a trendsetter by draping your saree in different ways.

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